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    A national data exchange layer provides an enabling environment for developing services

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    Smart solutions to common challenges

    Extensive and open-minded cooperation between public and private sectors is needed to enable new and improved e-services.

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    1. Trial runs for a national data...

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      Sitra funded two data exchange layer trial runs in Espoo and Lahti, carried out as part of the planning for a common national ICT (information and...

      3 years ago by Kirsi Suomalainen

Going online - the key to improved service solutions

The wide range of information systems currently in use makes it challenging to create new and improve existing electronic services. The information systems often contain duplicated information or do not "speak" fluently with one another. At present, systems integration is often done bilaterally. If a separate connection has to be built with each service provider, the development of new services becomes expensive, or even impossible: each new connection has a price.

Practical integration solutions generate new types of e-services

Diverse provision and use of e-services requires the electronic identification of citizens and the exchange of information between databases in a unified manner. The existing databases of public organisations could be exploited for service production purposes, through the use of a common data exchange layer.

Several types of registration data, such as health records or motor vehicle registrations, would only need to be stored in one place – the layer would enable the use of original, up-to-date data from its original source when, and where, needed. Together with an eID this also enables citizens to check and update their own data and to use a variety of public and private services online. A data exchange layer operates on the basis of standardised interfaces between information systems.

Extensive co-operation needed to overcome common challenges

Building a national service-oriented architecture for the identification of citizens and the exchange of data requires extensive and open-minded co-operation between public administration organisations and companies. The Prime Minister’s Office established a monitoring group (press release in Finnish only) to expedite the implementation of proposals generated by various ICT development projects. The Prime Minister’s Office implemented a project (project plan in Finnish only) aimed at planning a national data exchange layer architecture. The projects of Sitra are finished. Through its projects, Sitra promoted extensive co-operation between the private sector and public administration. In addition, Sitra’s experts participated in the working groups of the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Finance.

Data exchange layer tested also in practice

Sitra supported these efforts, for example, with an experiment in which the cities of Espoo and Lahti tested the data exchange layer in practice. The adoption of the data exchange layer was  also supported by local surveys charting its suitability for different cities' needs, to ensure it is implemented seamlessly.


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Article Data should equal people power

Controlling the growing mass of personal data will have enormous benefits for society and individuals.

1 year ago by Jukka Vahti

News Building of national data exchange layer begins

On 19 November 2013, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Policy revealed its decisions on the implementation of a national service architecture and the launch of plans for a national information agency. The moves are aimed at accelerating the digitalisation of society and improving the opportunities to generate new business in the field of e-services. The service architecture creates a common...

3 years ago by Kirsi Suomalainen

Project Developing local data exchange layer skills

Finland needs a cohesive ICT (information and communications technology) service architecture. The ICT2015 report highlights a common national ICT service architecture as one of the 21 critical paths needed for a friction-free Finland. Advances are to be made towards achieving this under various projects led by the Ministry of Finance. Sitra supports the implementation of the measures proposed by...

September 2013 to June 2014

Project Trial runs for a national data exchange layer

Sitra funded two data exchange layer trial runs in Espoo and Lahti, carried out as part of the planning for a common national ICT (information and communications technology) service architecture, led by the Ministry of Finance. The data exchange layer is an ICT solution providing a common way of exchanging information that both public and private organisations can use. A common data exchange...

June 2013 to May 2014

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