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Call for innovative exhibitors at WCEF2024

The Expo Area at the World Circular Economy Forum 2024 will bring into the spotlight circular economy solutions from around the world. Would you like to present your solution to the global audience of the Forum?


Tuula Sjöstedt

Specialist, Communications and Public Affairs


The WCEF2024 host, the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, welcomes companies and organisations large and small to apply to host a stand at the WCEF2024 Expo Area in the SQUARE Brussels meeting centre. You can explore the variety of Expo hosts presented at WCEF2023 for inspiration.  

Read more to find out how to apply! 

Application criteria

What matters the most in the selection process are scalable circular economy solutions – the ones that have the ability to inspire the world towards a resource-smart future and tackle some of the burning root causes of Earth’s ecological sustainability crisis. We value different perspectives on the circular economy and solutions which unblock the barriers across the leverage points: governance, finance, business and skills. For inspiration, have a look at 39 circular economy solutions to inspire the world compiled by Sitra. 

The applicant must commit to be actively present at the WCEF2024 Expo Area during the entire duration of the forum at SQUARE on 15-16 April 2024 in Brussels, Belgium.  

No trading, commerce or sales activities are allowed at the Expo Area. Further terms and conditions for hosting are havailable here.

Stand characteristics and costs

The Expo Area will consist of a selection of around 30 stands. The basic set-up for each stand will include the use of:  

  • a wall for signage and logo (brandable, no design work included, printing include) 
  • a countertop  
  • a lockable storage box 
  • 2 bar stools 
  • lights 
  • electricity for 3 devices.  

The size of an Expo Area stand is 3m2 and the price with a basic set-up is 2 330 euros. At an additional cost, the stand host can add:  

  • a 40” screen (320 euros) 
  • a laptop (240 euros) 
  • a tablet (120 euros) 
  • a bar stool (100 euros) 
  • a bar table (150 euros)  
  • a graphic design for the wall (110 euros per hour*) to the stand. 
    *updated on 11 January 2024

The value added tax valid at the time will be added to the prices. 

The Expo Area stand hosts will cover their own travel and other expenses. 

Please note that WCEF2024 is organised according to circular economy principles, so please do not bring future waste to the stands. 

A picture of the stand layout

Application schedule

Apply by sending your application form to by 28 January 2024. The selection will be carried out in February and all applicants will be informed via email. Sitra holds the conclusive right to decide the WCEF2024 Expo Area stand hosts.  

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