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10 reasons to save energy right now

Saving energy is a particularly fast and effective way to tackle the energy crisis and save money.



The Russia’s war of aggression on Ukraine has plunged Europe into an energy crisis, which is also reflected in soaring energy bills in Finland. Many measures are required to solve the crisis and cut costs, but one of them is particularly attractive: saving energy.

Saving energy means managing with less energy use. Many of us are familiar with everyday examples such as lowering the room temperature, carpooling and quick showering.

The Finnish government has launched an energy-saving campaign for the autumn in which Sitra is also involved. This is a way of preparing for the coming winter, when an energy crisis threatens to severely test our country.

But why saving energy of all things? And why should everyone do what they can to save energy now?

Because saving energy…

  1. Saves money. Every saved kilowatt hour and litre of oil means a few more euros in your pocket. Recently, prices of energy have multiplied, so the financial benefits of saving energy have also greatly increased.
  2. No investment is needed. There are many solutions to the energy crisis, ranging from heat pumps to liquified natural gas terminals. But most of them require investment – some of it expensive. Saving energy, on the other hand, works without necessarily costing a cent.
  3. Lowers the price of energy. The market price of energy is ultimately determined by supply and demand. When a large number of people save energy, demand can fall significantly. That’s why saving energy helps control energy prices.
  4. Fights inflation. The rise in energy prices has accelerated general price increases –  inflation. So saving energy also indirectly combats inflation, benefiting the whole economy.
  5. Is fair. Those hit hardest by pricy energy include people on low incomes and people with high energy needs, especially in rural areas. When saving energy makes energy prices more affordable, it makes life easier, especially for people of limited means.
  6. Also helps our neighbours. Finland’s energy market is interconnected with the Nordic and European markets. Saving energy here will therefore help our neighbours cope with the coming winter – and in turn, energy saving campaigns in other countries will ease the situation here.
  7. Reduces dependency on oppressive regimes. Vladimir Putin finances his war of aggression with energy exports, and not all the other producers of fossil fuels are known for their respect for human rights, either. Saving energy improves the energy independence of our country and reduces our dependency on ethically questionable producers.
  8. Helps save the environment. Energy that is not used doesn’t need to be generated, transported or stored. So saving energy helps to reduce emissions and other environmental impacts of energy production, such as the harmful effects of metal production.
  9. Has an instant impact. Wind farms and energy renovations, for instance, also help to tackle the energy crisis, but at best they can take several months to several years to complete. Saving energy has immediate results.
  10. Works! Saving energy has also helped us overcome previous energy crises, such as the oil crisis of the 1970s. In 2011, when Japan closed all of its nuclear power plants in the aftermath of the tsunami, energy saving and efficiency measures were able to cover about half of the electricity lost.

Visit the website of the national Down a degree energy saving campaign for energy saving tips that you can already start using right now.

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