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Discover Finland on the water

Finland has plenty of lakes, shoreline and magnificent archipelagos that give you a completely different view of the country. Using muscle power when boating reduces stress, improves fitness and opens up an endless number of interesting routes among nature. New sports are being developed all the time, so life on the water will never get boring.


Savings: The initial investment in a boat, kayak, SUP (stand-up paddleboarding) board or other water vehicle may be large, but local travel will eventually be less expensive than long-haul trips.

Remember this: It may be difficult to get started if your home town doesn’t have any clubs or service providers. The seasonal nature of the activity also reduces opportunities. Learning alone can be quite challenging.

Reducing your carbon footprint: Replacing motorised boating with muscle-powered boating on 15 days between May and September reduces your carbon footprint by nearly 2%. Emissions are lower because less fuel and construction and equipment material is needed.

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