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The most environmentally friendly gesture

Flying has a huge effect on our carbon footprint, and giving up unnecessary flying is truly an environmentally friendly gesture. Try virtual tourism if you feel the need to travel somewhere far away – it can take you to places you’ve only ever dreamed about.


Savings: Leaving out one or more long-haul trips saves you hundreds or even thousands of euros a year.

Remember this: Travelling to work or holiday destinations may take longer when you don’t fly, and finding alternative forms of transport may initially be difficult. Most of the time, public transport is a faster way to get to the city centre. If you do travel by plane, please favour the airlines that use new fuel-efficient planes, favour direct flights, stay longer at the destination, and travel minimally.

Reducing your carbon footprint: Replacing a long-haul trip with virtual tourism reduces your carbon footprint by nearly 40% per year! Domestic travel will also decrease your carbon footprint, especially if you use the train or other forms of public transport.

Tips: Emissions calculators show CO2 emissions per person for international flights. Try the ICAO calculator, for example. You can compare the results of different calculators: Finnair has one, as well. You can also compensate for the emissions of your flights – there are various service providers online you can use. 

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