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Your favourite clothes deserve an airing

Many of us wash our clothes unnecessarily, even though a partial wash or airing would be sufficient. Airing clothes extends their life by up to one third.


Savings: You save money because you need to buy clothes less often. Less water and electricity is consumed when you wash clothes less often.

Remember this: It can be difficult to break the habit of washing clothes too often. Many people know that airing is often sufficient for woollen clothing but they don’t realise that this also applies to other clothing.

Reducing your carbon footprint: Reducing the number of weekly laundry loads by one third has a small impact on your carbon footprint, but if a million Finns did the same it would save the equivalent of 420 carbon footprints per year. Emissions decrease because of less demand on heat and domestic water for washing, and clothing lasts longer too, meaning fewer bought garments.

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