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By making a commitment to a sustainable way of life everyone can contribute to the mitigation of climate change

What could I do for planet Earth? The Sitra Lifestyle Test, 100 Smart Ways to Live Sustainably and the Commitment 2050 service provide tools for finding a more sustainable way of life.



Some 68 per cent of all greenhouse gas emissions in Finland are generated by our everyday actions: the way we live, the way we get around, the way we eat and the things we buy. Even so, people do not always recognise the connection between their own lifestyle and climate change.


With the help of Sitra’s Lifestyle Test anyone can calculate their personal carbon footprint and get tailored tips on how to save time, money and the environment. By March 2019, the test, launched in December 2017, had been done almost than 600,000 times.

The Lifestyle Test and 100 Smart Ways to Live Sustainably were published as an open-source code in autumn 2018 to be freely used by those interested in the subject. They were used, for example, in the Commitment 2050 service that the Prime Minister’s Office published in December 2018. It enables users to make a personal commitment to reducing their carbon footprint based on the result they achieve in the test.

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