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My strengths – individual exercise

This tool helps you focus on the skills that you possess.


We all have lots of knowledge, skills, capabilities and strengths! We accumulate them at work, in daily life, in our free time, hobbies, human relationships – in practically all kinds of situations. All skills are valuable, but we are sometimes unable to recognise our own skills.

You may feel unsure about when you can actually refer to a skill as a skill. In your own mind, you may think you have a particular skill, but you may feel shy about saying it out loud. Sometimes we simply can’t find the right words to describe our skills.

This tool helps you list your strengths and practice putting your skills into words.


1) Write a list of things you love to do. What gets you excited? What gives you energy?

2) Write a second list of things for which you’ve received praise or encouragement from others. Sometimes it’s easier for others to recognise skills that we take for granted.

3) Finally, write a list of all the things you are good at. Don’t be shy or self-critical, just go ahead and list all the things you can think of. The things you list can be related to your day-to-day life, work, relationships, hobbies, studies, anything.

4) Look at the lists and see what skills you have revealed! Print the list, send it to a friend or update your CV and, if you wish, share your skills on social media using the hashtag #RevealYourSkills.

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