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Skills emerge in many different environments: working life, daily life, free time, studies, courses, hobbies, family life – in any context, really. Sometimes we don’t even recognise our own skills. Thank you for having joined us in a two-week campaign Reveal your skills in Aug 30-Sept 12 to help people recognise their skills and make them more visible. More than 350 participants signed up!

What is it about?

We are inviting participants from various fields to join us in the Reveal your skills campaign in Aug 30 – Sept 12!

The social media hashtag is #RevealYourSkills

On this website, you’ll find up-to-date information on the upcoming Reveal your skills campaign. This two-week campaign is focused on what we can achieve together. The aim is to engage in various activities that help people recognise their skills, make them more visible and make this issue a topic of public discussion. With this in mind, we welcome a wide range of participants to join us in this campaign.

Look at the list of the organisations (in Finnish) which have signed up.

Reveal your skills campaign

The campaign has been planned in co-operation between Sitra, the Finnish Association of Adult Education Centres and Sivis Study Centre.

The Reveal your skills campaign promotes the lifelong learning objective that 30 key participants in society have developed for Finland. According to the objective, it is important that individuals and communities have the ability to make their skills visible and take advantage of their strengths.

Our key messages

Recognize your skills!

These exercises will help you to identify your strengths.

How to get involved?

We want to create the programme for the campaign in collaboration with various parties that recognise the importance of revealing skills: communities, businesses, non-governmental organisations, adult education centres, educational institutions, networks and anyone else who is interested in this topic.

If you want to help people recognise their various skills and make them visible as well as participate in discussion on the importance of recognising skills, this is the right campaign for you.

The following organisations and communities have already signed up to implement the Reveal your skills campaign.

How can I participate?

You or your organisation or community can participate through actions small or big – for example, in the following ways:

We do not compromise on the following principles:

All activities must be related to recognising people’s skills and making them visible.
Communications on the importance of recognising skills must be positive, appreciative, supportive and focused on possibilities.
Focus on skills that people and organisations have rather than skills that they don’t have. Assessing, comparing, measuring and ranking the importance of skills are not suitable starting points for the campaign’s programme and communications.
Skills are valuable regardless of where they emerge – in working life, daily life, hobbies, free time, family life or training.

What we offer to all campaign participants

We believe that the campaign participants themselves have the best understanding and knowledge of how they can help their target audiences recognise their skills and make them visible and to highlight the importance of this issue. Nevertheless, we offer the following to all campaign participants:

Tools and visibility

We have gathered and published simple individual, pair and group assignments to make it easier to recognise skills.

And during the campaign weeks, we will publish info about the events and articles on our web site and social media channels, and we will bring up the issue in public discussion. Those who have singed up to the campaign can use the following communcations material:

Skills Timeout dialogues

Engaging in dialogue with other people is one of the best ways to gain new insights about one’s skills. Timeout dialogue is a method of constructive and equal discussion that serves this purpose.

Discussions can be held with various types of groups: recreational groups, study groups, workplace communities, customer groups or even people who do not know each other previously. The discussions require a facilitator, and it can be arranged either face-to-face or online. We provide instructions to everyone who signs up (to Maikki Siuko). Find out more about Skills Timeout dialogues.

Skills Timeout dialogues

Join the campaign by organising a Skills Timeout dialogue in weeks 35–36! We provide instructions and orientation training to everyone who signs up (to Maikki Siuko).

What is a Skills Timeout dialogue?

We all accumulate skills in various environments, but recognising our own skills and strengths is not always easy. Many Finns feel that they have skills that they could put to more effective use in society.

Interaction and other people play a key role in recognising one’s skills. Participating in equal and confidential discussions is a good way to recognise one’s skills. The purpose of the Skills Timeout dialogue method is to help the participants recognise their competencies: knowledge, skills, strengths, attitudes – all of the things they are good at!

Discussions can be held with various types of groups: recreational groups, study groups, workplace communities, customer groups or even people who do not know each other previously. These discussions require a facilitator. We offer orientation training to facilitators.

You can organise a discussion either online or face-to-face.

If you are interested in organising a Skills Timeout dialogue event, please contact Maikki Siuko.

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