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Shorter trip, better quality of life

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get to work and your hobbies on foot or with convenient public transport? Moving closer to your workplace and services leaves you with more time for other things. Research shows that a short journey to work improves quality of life.


Savings: Proximity to services may increase the price of a home. If you live near good transport connections, you may not need a car at all or one car may be enough for your family. This reduces the costs of mobility.

Remember this: Demand for homes is often higher near services and city centres, which can make homes harder to find and more expensive.

Reducing your carbon footprint: A work journey that is ten kilometres shorter reduces your carbon footprint by 4% per year. If a million Finns did this, it would save the equivalent of 40,000 carbon footprints per year. A shorter drive to work reduces fuel costs.

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