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Synthetic biology as a driver of the circular economy

Companies and research institutes are exploring the opportunities for using synthetic biology for the promotion of a circular economy and the mitigation of climate change.



Synthetic biology is an efficient method for finding and modifying natural cells. With the help of synthetic biology, we are able to use household and industrial waste streams, such as carbon dioxide from factory chimneys, for the manufacturing of renewable materials and fuels. The opportunities to promote the circular economy by using synthetic biology have not yet been widely explored in Finland.


In a project initiated by Sitra, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, Aalto University and Neste, a synthetic biology and circular economy network, called Synbio Powerhouse, is being built in Finland. It will give companies and researchers a chance to pilot the opportunities synthetic biology could offer in the circular economy field. The project is also creating new co-operation networks between companies, universities and research institutes, and launching research and product development initiatives.

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