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Top-class living with domestic wood

A wooden house represents the best of traditional Finnish construction. Building wooden houses supports the forest industry and its jobs, which are so vital to Finland. A wooden house is also an environmentally friendly choice that is built from renewable raw material.


Savings: Building an energy “class A” house costs 10% more than building an ordinary house, but the investment will pay for itself in lower heating costs.

Remember this: There are only a few examples of the cost-effective construction of energy “class A” houses.

Reducing your carbon footprint: Building a 40 m2 energy-efficient and compact wooden house reduces your carbon footprint by nearly 9% per year. If a million Finns did this, it would save the equivalent of 87,000 carbon footprints. Emissions decrease because power plants need to produce less heat, and resource-wise materials are used for construction. 

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