Next Steps for Climate Action
Launch event

Next Steps for Climate Action

What will happen to global greenhouse gas emissions if all countries keep their climate promises? What will happen if countries fall short - and which existing climate solutions could be used more widely?

Presentation material can be found here.

The “emissions gap” between the targets in the Paris Agreement and current pledges by countries shows there is a pressing need to accelerate efforts. Solutions exist, but what are the next steps for the EU, Finland and our cities and municipalities?

At the event the next steps for climate action were discussed with the release of three new hot-off-the-press reports:

  • The UNEP Emissions Gap Report 2019 assesses the emissions associated with current pledges by countries and the emission targets compliant with the Paris Agreement. In short, the gap between “where we are likely to be and where we need to be”.
  • Tracking Nordic Clean Energy Progress 2019 offers a view on how the Nordic countries are progressing towards a carbon-neutral society by highlighting larger trends and presenting cases where Nordic solutions could have a global impact.
  • Nordic Green to Scale for Cities and Communities presents proven climate solutions applied by Nordic cities and municipalities. The analysis shows how much emissions could be reduced with 14 solutions if they were implemented more widely in the Nordic countries, and showcases the monetary costs or savings associated with the solutions’ implementation.

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