Report launch: How stringent climate policies impact the economy?
Launch event

Report launch: How stringent climate policies impact the economy?

The 1.5 degrees target included in the Paris agreement requires global action at unprecedented scale. The new report commissioned by Sitra studies whether and how carbon emissions could be decoupled from economic growth.

  • April 9, 2021 at 1:00 pm - 2:15 pm

What are the economic implications of the 1.5 degrees target? What do countries need to do in practice to meet the target?

These issues, among others, will be addressed and discussed at Sitra’s online event on Friday 9th of April at 13-14:15 EET (12-13:15 CET).

The report Growth-positive zero-emission pathways to 2050, completed by an international research team, will be published at the event.

The research was led by economic researchers from University College London, a top British University. The report was commissioned by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra.

The subject is very topical as countries are expected to update their climate pledges under the Paris Agreement in the run-up to the UN climate negotiations, scheduled for the end of the year.

In addition, the recently elected US president Joe Biden will convene a climate summit at the end of April to build momentum amongst the world leaders for a more ambitious climate action.

The key findings of the study will be presented by Professor Paul Ekins, an environmental economist and team leader, together with his team.

Sitra’s Director Mari Pantsar will provide the opening remarks. Sitra’s leading specialist Saara Tamminen will host the event.

The event will be hosted in Zoom and can also be accessed on Sitra’s YouTube channel. The language of the event is English.

A warm welcome to zoom-in and engage in the discussion!


Prof. Dr Paul Ekins, University College London (UCL), project leader

Paul Drummond, University College London (UCL)

Dr Ilkka Keppo, University College London (UCL) and Aalto University

Dr Leonidas Paroussos, E3-Modelling

Dr Daniel Scamman, University College London (UCL)

Dr Mari Pantsar, Sitra

Dr Saara Tamminen, Sitra


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