Rethinking ownership: The role of ownership in a circular economy

Rethinking ownership: The role of ownership in a circular economy

Join us to explore the changing role of ownership in a circular economy.

Image: Topias Dean, Annette Ekengren / Sitra
  • December 3, 2020 at 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
  • Online

The event starts at 13.00 CET and lasts until 14.30 CET.

Ownership is changing. In a circular economy, we own fewer products than before, but the products we own are long-lasting and repairable. We use services and have access to products through sharing platforms. This is good for the environment and generates new business opportunities.

But what does the change mean for businesses and what kinds of benefits can it bring? How can decision-making and legislation support this development? How is this linked to the EU Circular Economy Action Plan and its initiatives on sustainable product policy?

In this event, we discuss these questions, explore the role of ownership in a circular economy and present the key findings from Sitra’s Rethinking Ownership study. The expert speakers, company examples and a panel discussion will take you deeper into the role of ownership in a circular economy.

The event is targeted at companies seeking growth through the circular economy and decision-makers working with the circular economy and sustainable product policies.

This event is an official WCEFonline side event. Event is organised by Sitra and SYSTEMIQ.

Rethinking Ownership is a European-wide initiative by SYSTEMIQ and University College London.



13.00 CET (14.00 UTC+2)
Event starts

Opening remarks by the moderator

The event will be moderated by Marleena Ahonen, Specialist, Circular Economy, Sitra

Keynote: Making Materials Work for Life – Introducing Producer Ownership

Professor Paul Ekins, Director, University College London Institute of Sustainable Resources

Key insights from Sitra’s Rethinking Ownership study

Riku Sinervo, Specialist, Circular Economy, Sitra

Forerunner businesses that support changes in ownership

Reusable postal packaging as a service – Jonne Hellgren, Chief Executive Officer, RePack
Go to sea with the help of a peer-to-peer boat rental service – Anna-Leena Raij, Head of International Growth, Skipperi
Compressed air as a service – Timo Pulkki, Chief Executive Officer, Tamturbo

Panel discussion – How to accelerate the change from owning to using

Professor Paul Ekins, Director, University College London Institute of Sustainable Resources
Taina Nikula, Ministerial Adviser, Finnish Ministry of Environment
Mika Enberg, Managing Director, 3StepIT
David Mowat, Co-Founder, Circularity Capital

Concluding remarks
14:30 CET (15:30 UTC +2)
Event ends

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