The role of megatrend analysis in the era of surprises 

The role of megatrend analysis in the era of surprises 

In this virtual session we will hear about Sitra’s latest megatrend analysis and discuss what kind of foresight does the era of surprises call for.

Trend reports are an essential part of foresight and published on a regular basis. Sitra’s latest Megatrend analysis provides a Finnish view of the most significant changes of our time. But what is the role of trend listings in the era of surprises?  

In this session we will present key take-aways from Sitra’s megatrend analysis and share insights on how and why the report was made. Apart from exploring Sitra’s report, we will discuss about megatrend analysis, their role in current times, and questions around their impact.  

We’re joined by Martin Kruse, Senior Executive Advisor & Futurist at the Copenhagen Institute for future studies, John A. Sweeney, author, designer and a futurist, UNESCO Chair in Anticipatory Governance and Sustainable Policymaking and Katri Vataja, director of foresight and strategy at Sitra. Sitra’s megatrend report will be presented by one of its authors Mikko Dufva. The event will be hosted by Liisa Poussa, foresight specialist at Sitra. This event will be of particular interest to those who utilize foresight and futures thinking in their work. 

The event is streamed via Teams. Participation is free of charge but requires registration. Teams call joining details will be sent out via email in advance of the event.

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We hope you can join us! 

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