Anssi Komulainen

Project Director, Gaia-X Finland


Anssi Komulainen is the Project Manager of Gaia-X Finland. Gaia-X is a network of companies that wants to ensure that European data spaces work together and enable new kinds of data business. Shared European data spaces are an alternative to international digital giants. The project aims to ensure that Finnish operators are among the first to use these highways to a fairer data economy.


Previously, Anssi was responsible for predicting consumer behaviour at the Finnish National Broadcasting company Yle and founded Yle Beta, a digital lab focused on future media experiences. He also has long experience in content production in both traditional and digital media.

Anssi advises media start-ups and is actively involved in creating a media data sharing ecosystem in Europe.


In his spare time, Anssi is a big consumer of movies and good music. Anssi’s New Year’s resolution was to read a book a month instead of listening to audiobooks and podcasts. He hasn’t quite kept that resolution yet.