Antti Lehtinen

Specialist (on extended leave), Communications and Public Affairs


Antti Lehtinen is a communications and public affairs specialist. He is responsible for the communications of circular economy projects of Sitra.


Antti is passionate about developing ideas and finding ways to make an impact. His job is all about ensuring that Sitra’s work on the circular economy is seen and remembered.

Before joining Sitra, Antti spent several years working as a creative strategist and planner at a communication and advertising agency. He also has experience of working for an NGO and the UN Regional Information Centre in Brussels. Antti holds a Master of Social Sciences degree with a major in political history.

What else?

Outside of work, Antti enjoys spending his time playing and watching football. He also enjoys reading, binge-watching TV series and playing the piano.

Antti believes the circular economy will change more jobs than you might expect, but it will not eliminate the need for effective communications.