Hanna Hiidenpalo

Chief Investment Officer, Elo

Hanna Hiidenpalo has been the Chief Investment Officer and a member of the Executive Group at Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company since 2014. Hiidenpalo is responsible for Elo’s diversified global investments with over EUR 23 billion assets under management. Prior to Elo, Hiidenpalo was the CIO for LocalTapiola Mutual Pension Insurance for over ten years. She graduated from Helsinki School of Economics at Aalto University in 1992 and holds a Master’s degree in Economics. She has been a member of the Board of Finsif (Finland’s Sustainable Investment Forum). Currently, Hiidenpalo is, e.g., the vice chairperson of the Board at the Finnish Cultural Foundation as well as the chairperson of the Investment committee at Aalto University Endowment.


As a pension insurance company, Elo takes care of its customers’ statutory pensions. We help our customers succeed and rise to the challenges of changing working life. A third of Finnish companies and more than 40 percent of entrepreneurs have chosen Elo as their pension insurance partner. Elo’s investment assets are valued at EUR 23 billion. Responsibility is an integral part of Elo’s investment operations. Elo’s climate strategy, published in 2017, aims to assess climate risks comprehensively and to capitalise on the investment opportunities introduced by climate change throughout its investment operations. According to Hanna Hiidenpalo, this provides a solid basis for developing responsible investing and to influence the markets and society. Elo’s investment operations have received international accolades: in its assessment, the international climate organisation AODP placed Elo in the best AAA category and in the 10th place among 500 asset owners globally, with regard to taking climate change into consideration. In 2017, Elo became the first Finnish investor to join the European IIGCC (the Institutional Investor Group on Climate Change). The IIGCC is a collaborative forum of institutional investors. Its mission is to encourage policy makers, investors and companies to consider the risks and opportunities caused by climate change

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