Hannele Laaksolahti

Senior Lead, Sitra


Hannele Laaksolahti always gets excited when there is an opportunity to bring people together to learn and create something new relating to societal issues. In her current job she develops the competence of constructive societal conversation and supporting tools in Sitra’s Timeout project.


Hannele is a professional in adult education, and she has vast experience in different innovation and education processes. She worked for five years in Sitra’s Synergise Finland forums, which explored the significant shift in working life and democracy, security, sustainable economy and education of the future. Hannele is an expert in co-operative development and dialogue, and an experienced leader of strategic processes. She has led various workshops and is just as inspired by facilitating. The culture of experimentation and service design are also close to her heart. Her background is in education design and human resources development.

What else?

In her spare time, Hannele does all kinds of sports, from spinning and running to yoga. She describes herself as socially dependent in a positive way, which is why she aims to make her hobbies into social events, too. Her mind often wanders to the turquoise waters surrounding the Greek islands, but she also explores the landscape of Finland’s Lakeland.

Hannele believes that when different people genuinely interact, nothing stays the same.