Kirsi Hanhisalo

Senior Lead, Sitra


Kirsi pilots Sitra’s own future laboratory, Sitra Lab, whose aim is to strengthen Finns’ ability to changemaking. Training and community events organised by the Lab acquaint participants with future-oriented thinking, systems thinking and design thinking. Kirsi believes that it is important to speed up the interest of future-makers in innovation with increasingly agile solutions and models of cooperation. She also finds the popularisation of future-oriented thinking and learning important.


Kirsi has over 25 years of experience in the conceptualisation and development of adult education and learning at the interfaces of science and business life. She is an educational scientist with a strong background in business life and a strong vision for the future. With her interdisciplinary approach, Kirsi has promoted the strategic management of Finnish organisations and the career of individuals through training and coaching. Recent experiments with digital learning solutions have focused on the opportunities brought by data and artificial intelligence.

In her development work, Kirsi appreciates a drive for doing things together and is inspired by partnerships that generate new things. Kirsi is currently working on her doctoral dissertation, which involves creating a future-proof ecosystem for learning.

What else?

The physical activities shared by Kirsi’s family with four children are sure to keep her busy during her leisure time. In Kirsi’s family, you better know what to do with balls of various sizes and be able to throw a spear to at least 20 metres. But at least Kirsi is exempt from the obligation to perform cartwheels and handsprings on a balance beam. Her most memorable personal sports experience was winning a Broomball championship in Finland’s eastern neighbour. The years spent in Russia also left behind a deep longing for the ballet in Saint Petersburg and the lights of Moscow.