Lasse Miettinen

Sustainability solutions, Sustainability solutions


Lasse Miettinen works as a Leading Specialist in Sitra’s Climate and Nature Solutions team. He develops tools and concepts for stopping biodiversity loss as part of solving the ecological crisis arising from climate change, the collapse of biodiversity and excessive consumption of natural resources.


Lasse is particularly interested in how the protection of biodiversity can be integrated into the fundamental structures of our economy and the heart of all policy decisions to make stopping biodiversity loss as clear and measurable a goal as reducing emissions to zero.

Before joining Sitra, Lasse spent 15 years at the sharp end of political decision-making, in positions ranging from Special Adviser for the Minister of the Environment to Secretary General of the Finnish Green Party. In his career, he has been through government negotiations, national budget sessions and countless hours of policy planning on all levels from local councils to the Finnish Parliament and the corridors of Brussels.

What else?

Lasse’s passions include saving the world, cooking and literature. Being a father to his young daughter is the most important position of trust he has ever held.

Since childhood, Lasse has been waiting for humanity’s first base on Mars – a thing his favourite children’s science book predicted to be there before the end of the 20th century. Nevertheless, Lasse firmly believes that day will come before he reaches retirement age.