Laura Järvinen

Senior Lead, Biodiversity and everyday life


As a specialist, Laura Järvinen looks for ways to accelerate Finland’s transition to a circular economy. Laura’s workdays consist of managing implementation of the circular economy road map for Finland and co-operation with towns and cities. The goal is to find concrete solutions that promote the circular economy.


Laura has been involved in compiling the world’s first national circular economy road map, creating the resource wisdom operating model for cities and the Network of Finnish Sustainable Communities (FISU). She has a master’s degree in social sciences from the University of Tampere.

Contact Laura if you want to know more about the circular economy road map or if your town is considering how it could promote the circular economy.

What else?

Laura likes to spend her free time outdoors with her family. You can find her on the ski trails in winter and picking blueberries in the forest in the summer. Laura enjoys travelling and her favourite destinations are Lapland and the Greek islands.