Lisbeth Strömberg

Project Coordinator, Sitra


Lisbeth Strömberg is a project coordinator at Sitra Lab. She is in charge of coordinating and developing the Lab community.


You should have a chat with Lisbeth about matters related to the Sitra Lab community. As a result of the current period of remote work, Lisbeth has also become skilled in organising virtual events.

As a social psychologist, Lisbeth is inspired by discussions about processes behind the behaviour of individuals and groups – from motivation all the way to stereotypes. She is particularly fond of applying theory into practice: Lisbeth’s Master’s thesis concerned the acceptability of an eHealth application under development from the perspective of its users.

Lisbeth’s previous jobs include serving as a junior consultant at Demos Helsinki and as a research assistant at the University of Helsinki. She has a Master’s degree in social sciences, majoring in social psychology.

What else?

Lisbeth enjoys sports in its different forms, good food, and the company of family and friends. In her free time, you may find Lisbeth at the gym or a dance class – but also on her sofa playing PlayStation.

Lisbeth believes that understanding human behaviour is a prerequisite for positive societal change.