Mikko Mursula

Chief Investment Officer, Ilmarinen

Mikko Mursula has been the Chief Investment Officer of Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company since 2015. He holds a Master of Science degree in Economics and has built his career in the world of finance. Ilmarinen was familiar to Mursula even before he took on the role of CIO, as he had worked for the company as a portfolio manager and as the Head of Equities and Head of Allocation and Listed Securities between 2000 and 2010. Before rejoining Ilmarinen, he was Managing Director of FIM Asset Management and FIM Corporation.

Ilmarinen is Finland’s largest private investor, with more than EUR 46 billion in investment assets. Under Mursula’s lead, Ilmarinen drew up the company’s first climate policy in 2016. The policy’s ambitious and concrete climate targets have also been recognised internationally: Ilmarinen received the highest AAA rating in an international comparison that assesses the carbon risk management of the world’s largest investors. In Mursula’s view, taking climate change into account in investment operations is an important strategic choice that guarantees the best return on pension funds in the long term.

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