Rose Thompson Coon

Senior Lead, Foresight and Strategy


She is a Leading Specialist in impact evaluation. Her work includes the development of operating models and practices for managing, measuring and evaluating Sitra’s impact on society.


Rose is a specialist in evaluation, strategic development and accountability. She has extensive international experience in developing research methods on impact evaluation and evaluation expertise in United Nations organisations and as a consultant. She is the person you should talk to if you have questions about measurability, change theories and transformative evaluation.

Rose has an MA in Social Sciences and a teacher’s pedagogic qualification (focused on adult pedagogy).

What else?

As a recently returned expat, Rose enjoys Finland’s libraries, public transport and the wide range of hobbies available to children. At the interface between her free time and work, she is interested in the transformation of education and learning environments. She expects that in the future the deciding factor in working life will not be your academic degree but rather your abilities. As an eternal optimist, she also believes that the coexistence of humankind and the animal kingdom will be characterised by greater solidarity in the future.