Samuli Laita

Senior Lead, Communications and Public Affairs


Samuli Laita is a communications specialist. His work includes interaction with the Finnish media and communications for the Circular economy focus area.


Samuli can produce clear descriptions of Sitra’s activities; for example, about what the circular economy or resource wisdom really mean. He provides journalists with a good first point of contact with Sitra.

Samuli believes that Sitra’s work to raise awareness and push society is as close to journalism as a person can get. Before coming to Sitra, he spent more than 10 years working as a journalist at the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper. In addition to the media world, he has focused on environmental issues, urban planning and the municipal economy. His education in planning geography and urban planning provide a good foundation for this work.

What else?

We have to save our snowy winters, because Samuli wants to be able to snowboard and spend time with his children watching Saimaa ringed seals catch fish from the lakeside.