Samuli Puroila

Specialist, Nature and the economy


Samuli Puroila is a Specialist in the Nature and the economy team. In his work, Samuli focuses on the functionality of the economic steering methods of climate policy and, together with the team, tries to determine how Finland could meet the emissions targets set by the Paris Agreement while ensuring the success of our national economy.


Samuli has previously worked with topics such as the economic steering methods of climate and environmental policy, electricity markets and the transformation of transport. He has work experience in both the private and the public sectors as well as from the world of academic research. He holds a master’s degree in environmental economics.

As an analytical and deliberate thinker, Samuli tries to view solutions from as many perspectives as possible before making a decision.

What else?

In his leisure time, Samuli plays floorball and football actively with his friends and puts his general knowledge to the test in pub quizzes.

Samuli believes that in the near future, transport services will make mobility more economical and more ecologically sustainable. This can be achieved without having to sacrifice the flexibility offered by the use of private cars.