Tiina Smolander

Portfolio Manager, Investments


Tiina Smolander is involved in making investments that help secure the funding for Sitra’s operations now and for the future.

Diversification is used in Sitra’s endowment capital investments, including equity, bond and real estate funds. For Sitra, responsibility is an integral part of investments. Tiina’s work involves paying attention to the sustainability of the investee’s operators, as this will affect the future returns, and the risks, of an investment.


Tiina is the person to contact if you would like to discuss investment opportunities or smart ways to follow the risks and returns of investment portfolios.

Tiina tries to keep track of the rapidly developing investment field. She is interested in any opportunity for learning new ways to implement investment allocation strategies.

What else?

Tiina is always ready to learn new things – and her free time is no exception. Learning Chinese or new crocheting techniques are some of the ways in which she relaxes.

Tiina believes that the journey is more important than the destination. “We build our future with our everyday actions. No end justifies the means.”