Seven siblings from the future

The joint exhibition by Sitra and Heureka opens windows onto the future and provides opportunities for inspiration. Before the doors to the Jukola of the future open on 17 November 2017, you can take part in creating the characters of the siblings during the tour. The Seven Siblings tour will visit seven places in Finland.


The future is made now, together

What will everyday life be like for Finns in 50 years’ time? How will we travel and live? And what will we eat? The future will not just happen; we have to make it happen through the choices we make every day. Even today.

Seven Siblings from the Future, an exhibition organised jointly by Heureka and Sitra and opening in November 2017, will illustrate these choices. The exhibition is interactive and functional and is designed to make us think. Visitors can take part in building the future with their decisions and actions.

The seven siblings will be built on tour

Before the exhibition opens, the general public can have a say on what its content will be like during the Seven Siblings from the Future tour starting in March. The joint tour by Heureka and Sitra will visit seven places: Oulu, Turku, Joensuu, Jyväskylä, Pori, Helsinki and Inari. Heureka’s likeable and funny friendly robot Pepper will also join the tour. Participate in the survey organised by Heureka and Sitra and have your say on what the exhibition will be like!

We will make the future together and everyone’s contribution is important. Come and join us!

Sitra is a future-oriented organisation that was established in 1967 when Finland turned 50. We will be celebrating our 50-year anniversary with future-oriented work. The Seven Siblings from the Future tour is part of Sitra’s 50th anniversary and the official programme of the Finland 100 anniversary.


7 to 8 March at Tietomaa, Oulu
6 April at ME House, Turku
11 to 12 May at Scifest, Joensuu
31 May at Toukofest, Jyväskylä
10 to 11 July at Suomi Areena, Pori
11 to12 August at Tubecon, Helsinki
18 to 20 August at Ijahis Idja, Inari


Helmi Saksala
Anna-Leena Mansikkala
Project Assistant
Päivi Hirvola
Director, Sitra
Jenni Sarolahti

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