Circular business models for chemical companies

This circular economy playbook provides sustainable and circular business models for the chemical industry. It provides companies with tools for evaluating their operations and creating new sustainable business models.




The circular economy playbook for the chemical industry shows companies the opportunities and benefits of the circular economy and demonstrates, how circular business models are changing the supply chains as well as whole business ecosystems. The playbook provides companies with a set of tools for transforming to sustainable business. It contains plenty of practical examples of how to implement circular business models and shows what kind of capabilities, skills and technologies are needed for this.

The playbook is divided into three parts:

  1. Why should Finnish chemical companies engage in sustainability and circularity?
  2. What opportunities and benefits does the circular economy offer and how these can be pursued?
  3. How to transition my business model to the circular economy? What steps are needed to leap over the most typical obstacles?

Here are some reasons, why you should download this playbook:

  • You will get an abundance of knowledge on the benefits of the circular economy and get on track with the demands for sustainable business.
  • Studying the playbook and using the included business model canvas, you can define the most crucial transformative goals and operations for your company.
  • You will find suitable benchmarks and encouraging examples from existing companies.
  • You will get the latest information on the changing regulations for the chemical industry, as well as technical demands and revolutionary technologies.

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Sustainable and circular business models for the chemical industry


Circular economy playbook for chemical companies



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Chemical Industry Federation of Finland, Business Finland and Sitra


64 p.


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