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Education for a Changing World research project explores the intersection of sustainability, well-being and education for a globalised society and a changing planet.


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How can sustainable well-being be built through education? In summer 2015, Sitra launched a research project to analyse the relationship between sustainable well-being and education. The aim of the international Education for a Changing World research project is to investigate how students, schools and communities can become building blocks of a new sustainable well-being society.

What do we do?

The primary research question for the Education for a Changing World research project is: how do we enable students, schools and communities to become the building blocks of a new societal model organised around sustainable well-being? This research project will gather insights from multiple fields to help inform the global debate about the purpose and future of education for a changed world. Sustainable well-being helps to point the way forward. Our common fate and constrained resources, but also unprecedented innovation and opportunity, will be our lens.

The Developers of sustainable education training programme combines the different kinds of content and practical experimentations in the field of sustainable well-being. We had an open call for participants to find a group of 29 forward-looking people with courage and expertise to look at sustainable well-being from new perspectives, enthusiasm for experimentations and willingness to work as a part of the network. During the programme, the participants will form teams that plan and implement a small-scale trial.

Who participates?

The research project gathered 15 Finnish and North American researchers to work on the research question. Information about the researchers is available here.

The Developers of sustainable education training programme has 29 participants.

Where are we now?

The results of the research project were published in fall 2018 as a book titled Sustainability, Human Well-being and The Future of Education by Palgrave Mcmillan. The Developers of sustainable education programme preceding the publication of the book was implemented in spring 2017.

Interested in joining a network around the research topics and the dialogue on sustainability and education? Join us on Facebook, Twitter (#educationfutures and #kestäväkoulutus) or get in touch directly.


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