1. Fund investments

    Capital for sustainable companies

  2. Venture capital funds provide valuable information

    Early detection of global trends is only possible through adequate international business intelligence. Venture capital funds provide unique information on developments in different economic areas that can be applied to Finnish business and society.

  3. Sitra generates assets for society

    Currently Sitra is a partner in 17 domestic and 27 international venture capital funds. Over the years, it has invested in 58 funds. The results of this work are returned to Finnish society for the benefit of everyone.

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    1. Sitra invested 2 million euros...

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      Sitra has signed a 2 million euro investment commitment for Inventure Fund II. Inventure Fund II is a 50 million euro venture capital fund that invests in...

      3 years ago

Fund investments – international knowledge and promotion of sustainable well-being

With a history of investments in more than 50 venture capital funds, Sitra has an extensive network of Finnish and international partners. Currently, Sitra is involved in more than 40 active funds.

Sitra uses fund investments to find new operational models, examples and networks that promote Finland in its role as a pioneer of sustainable well-being. Through domestic fund investments Sitra develops the financing market and enables the growth of new companies. Investments in international funds provide information and contacts that help Finnish companies. The profits are returned to Finnish society for the benefit of everyone.

Investments are mainly targeted at funds that promote business operations solving ecological, social and well-being challenges. The investments combine financial returns and sustainability while creating added value for Finnish society.

Investments in domestic funds

Domestic fund investments create new financing models and boost new sustainable business in public-private partnerships. Sitra provides new Finnish funds with advisory services in business and investment analysis, and in fund structures. 

Finnish funds and asset management companies

Investments in international funds

International fund investments strengthen networks and bring new expertise and capital to Finland. In the process, Sitra gets information on technological and business trends and creates valuable contacts that help Finnish companies expand abroad. Sitra works in close cooperation with the funds to learn new practices in the business world.

International funds and asset management companies



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Article Interest in impact investing grows in Finland

This spring Sitra has been investigating the possibilities for testing and implementing impact investing in Finland, including creating the necessary ecosystem and related models. In practice the efforts have included conducting various interviews, organising events, reading materials and literature and taking part in international events. The latest event was an Impact Investing...

2 years ago by Saara Malkamäki

News New fund invests in energy efficiency – LeaseGreen and Sitra to co-operate

Sitra, along with a number of private investors, is investing in Finland’s first energy efficiency fund. LeaseGreen, a company specialising in energy efficiency services, has developed an innovative investment model for the financing of investments in the built environment, all with the aim of increasing efficient energy use. “We have launched a fund concept that provides an all new tool for...

2 years ago by Sami Tuhkanen

Blog Sitra is investigating the potential of impact investing in Finland

Sitra is studying the introduction of impact investing to Finland. This would require the creation of a new ecosystem and the testing of different models related to impact investing. Impact investing aims to solve societal challenges through new innovations and private funding. Such challenges may be, for instance, the danger of the unemployed becoming marginalised in society or careers ending...

3 years ago

News Sitra invested 2 million euros in Inventure Fund II

Sitra has signed a 2 million euro investment commitment for Inventure Fund II. Inventure Fund II is a 50 million euro venture capital fund that invests in early stage technology companies. Sitra’s investment promotes the commercialization and internationalization of the Finnish technology industry.

3 years ago

News Startup Foundation launched

Sitra puts more of its weight behind efforts to encourage and sustain entrepreneurship in Finland, by backing a new Startup Foundation...

4 years ago

Other site FVCA

The Finnish Venture Capital Association was established in 1990. The actual members of the association are entities acting in the Finnish private equity and venture capital markets. FVCA accepts as its associate members communities or private individuals who play a part in the development of the industry in Finland. The number of members at the moment is 40 full and 48 associate members.

5 years ago from site www.fvca.fi

Other site EVCA

The European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (EVCA)

5 years ago from site www.evca.eu

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