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    Sitra uses projects to introduce new ideas about good living, promote operational models that value people, and boost sustainable business.

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      Startup Foundation launched

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      Sitra puts more of its weight behind efforts to encourage and sustain entrepreneurship in Finland, by backing a new Startup Foundation...

      4 years ago

Project funding

Sitra provides funds for surveys, forward-thinking activities, experiments, and shared strategy processes that promote well-being and are ecologically and socially sustainable.

Project funding must be related to Sitra's themes or key areas. At the moment, operations are targeted at three current themes:

  • Through the Empowered individual and social structures theme, Sitra encourages people to assume more responsibility for their own well-being and for that of their loved ones. We create means and incentives that help people promote the common good and look after loved ones.
  • The theme of Resource-wise and carbon-neutral society creates the conditions for a resource-wise and carbon-neutral society and the related business promoting it.
  • The theme of New working life and sustainable economy will promote sustainable well-being and employment through new practices and financing models.

Sitra does not provide funds for academic research projects, dissertations, or commercial research and development projects.


Surveys funded by Sitra provide valuable information and offer new perspectives on current themes. Sitra itself does not carry out the surveys, but commissions them from specialists.


Sitra gathers information to identify the future challenges and opportunities of Finland.

Strategy processes

Any social change requires the understanding and commitment of all parties involved. Sitra’s strategy processes and development projects provide useful information for decision-makers and create networking opportunities for operators in various sectors.


Experiments aim to find and test new operating methods that accelerate social change. Sitra also tests promising operating models from around the world in Finland.

Contact information

There is no fixed application period or form for funding applications. Take your idea for a project directly to one of our contact persons.

Themes (contact person):

  • Resource-wise and carbon-neutral society (Mari Pantsar-Kallio)
  • Empowering society (Antti Kivelä)
  • New working life and sustainable economy (Timo Lindholm)

Key areas (contact person):

  • Carbon-neutral Industry (Tiina Kähö)
  • Circular Economy (Kari Herlevi)
  • Solutions for e-Well-being  (Tuula Tiihonen)
  • Social and healthcare financing (Eveliina Huurre)
  • Transformations of work (Mikko Hyttinen)
  • Impact Investing (Mika Pyykkö)

Current and past projects

See the archive for a list of all completed and current projects.


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News Startup Foundation launched

Sitra puts more of its weight behind efforts to encourage and sustain entrepreneurship in Finland, by backing a new Startup Foundation...

4 years ago

Article Did you know?

Sitra's role in 2012 is very clear. Our mission statement sets out our goals for building the Finland of tomorrow. But our history dates back to 1967 and has seen many investments and much research in numerous different areas of life. For example, in the early years, Sitra funded several innovation projects involved in technology and the natural sciences.

4 years ago

Article Public sector creating added value for companies – fact or fiction?

Public-sector organisations offer a wide range of services for enterprises, but their benefits are under debate. The role of public-sector actors raises strong opinions for and against. Can they bring added value to private enterprises and contribute to their growth? “Yes, they can,” says Risto Kalske, Director of Sitra’s PreSeed service.

10 years ago

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