1. Capacity for renewal

    In our rapidly changing world, the capacity to change what you are doing in line with the current situation is vital for individuals, communities and nations alike.

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Capacity for renewal is a competitive advantage for Finland

The capacity to change what you are doing in line with the current situation is vital for individuals, communities and nations in our rapidly changing world. This capacity is enhanced by curiosity, the desire to learn and creativity. Finland managed to overcome its difficulties in the post-war era, successfully implementing major structural reforms to be rated among the world’s top nations according to a range of indicators. We now need to rediscover the lost capacity to reinvent ourselves.

Digitisation, the change in the dependency ratio and ever-closer global interdependencies are among the phenomena directly or indirectly affecting almost every country in the world. For Finland, being able to reinvent itself can offer much more than a lifeline – it could also be a competitive advantage and a source of new growth. There is a global need for such ability, as we enter an era in which immaterial natural resources will take centre stage as a source of growth.

Sitra was founded in 1967 to reform Finland. Since then, we have often acted as a catalyst for change in selected areas, while seeking to correct issues such as market deficiencies.

Since then, the pace of global change has continued to grow alongside the need to systemically revisit the nation’s capacity to begin afresh. In our changing world, we need more information on how to set ourselves on the path to renewal. Is a crisis always the necessary precursor to successful renewal? Do renewal processes share common features that could be exploited to make them more systematic?

Based on the work it has done so far, Sitra has excellent starting points for finding the answers to these questions. Another goal is to disseminate the capacity for renewal and the related systematisation through our projects with various parties.

People take centre stage

Citizens are the number one resource when it comes to social renewal and the successful implementation of reforms. The key question in citizen-driven renewal is what kinds of social inclusion, proactiveness and joint development do our social structures and operating models support.

For individual citizens, stronger capabilities are the key issue. Renewal requires alternative ways of doing things while challenging prevailing values, practices and mindsets. Alongside expertise and educational capital, we need the right mindset – an enterprising spirit, self-management, sustainable use of our personal resources and lifelong learning. Better and better life-management skills are required in order to confront the complexities of society and life.

Creativity is needed, in order to identify the great opportunities of our time and exploit them to create new value and well-being, whether they concern digitisation, a changing age structure or immigration. Cultural diversity offers an opportunity to nurture creativity and innovativeness. Immigration and the resulting increase in multiculturalism can serve as a source of renewal and greater vitality for Finland.

Public administration must provide citizens with various services – either through public tendering processes, procurement or producing them itself. Its ability to do so while creating a framework for transformation within its various sectors and branches will depend on its own ability to reinvent itself. For example, building new business and growth areas calls for seamless collaboration between the public and private sectors. While companies are the key players and partners in bolstering Finland's capacity to transform, the public administration can create the basis for this through regulation, governance, steering, procurement, incentives and official decisions.

Capacity for renewal supports Sitra's two other themes, particularly in helping citizens develop the ability to change and maximising local culture as a resource for transformation.

Sitra’s projects related to the Capacity for renewal theme

In early 2016, two groups of projects will run under the Capacity for renewal theme; these projects were prepared and launched during the implementation phase of the Empowering society theme. The ongoing project entities – Social welfare and healthcare services funding, and Isaacus: National Health HUB – represent a transition towards the Capacity for renewal theme by promoting the achievement of the above-mentioned objectives alongside their original ones.  

For example, within the Social welfare and healthcare services funding project entity, efforts will be made to help operators within the social welfare and healthcare sector prepare for change. Isaacus, on the other hand, is promoting the implementation of reforms among operators in the well-being sector. Other, later sets of projects will redirect the focus of the theme towards enhancing the capability for continuous reform.



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