1. Human activity contributes to climate change.

    Climate change

    Human activity contributes to climate change, and the consequences are serious. Curbing global warming requires a drastic reduction in emissions - right now.

  2. Why efficient buildings are vital

    Even without the transport in and around them, about 40 per cent of all energy consumption and emissions comes from buildings. So ensuring they're as energy efficient as possible is crucial to climate change mitigation.

  3. Everyday choices are key

    In the fight against the climate change, each and every one of us is needed.  Being aware of our own carbon footprint helps make green choices in everyday life. Local governments can make this easier.

  4. The need for speed

    We must start making changes now if we're to reduce emissions. Changing structures is costly and slow. But in the long run, extra investment in housing, transport and energy will more than repay itself.

  5. Finland is committed to change

    Finland has made a commitment to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050. Achieving this requires individuals, businesses and local authorities as well as the state.

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Energy consumption, emissions and climate change

Mitigating climate change and limiting global warming to no more than two degrees Celsius requires drastic and rapid emission reductions. Emissions will need to be cut by 80% by 2050. The transition to a low-carbon society needs major changes, to social structures as well as buildings and construction.

Infrastructure reforms promoting a low-carbon society require extremely heavy investments. In practice, this will increase the cost of energy, transport and housing. On a national level, however, investments can be widely dispersed by creating the preconditions for decentralised region- and building-specific solutions on a local level. On the other hand, investments in energy efficiency will reduce operating costs in the long term.

Bringing emissions under control

Buildings and construction account for about 40 per cent of all energy consumption and emissions. If you include emissions from transportation, the effect is even more significant. The initiative ERA17 – For an Energy-Smart Built Environment 2017 identified 31 actions aimed at rapidly reducing emissions from the built environment. Actions were listed in five areas: land use, decentralised energy production, construction guidance, property use and ownership, and competence development. Implementing the actions will be a group effort requiring the involvement of individuals, businesses and local authorities as well as the state.

Green choices for housing, transport and consumption

When it comes to mitigating climate change, people have an important part to play. When you are aware of the environmental impact of choices relating to housing, transport and consumption, it is easier to make green choices. Local authorities are excellently positioned to offer people increased opportunities for contributing to the efforts and decision-making concerning climate change mitigation.

The Mayors' climate network brings together the climate actions of the six largest cities in Finland. Through their cooperation Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Tampere, Turku and Oulu want to inspire other cities and towns and encourage them to join the network.

The Ilmankos project in Tampere collected recommendations relating to citizens’ participation and climate campaigns, as well as the methods of participation which were deemed to work best. The ECO2 – Eco-efficient Tampere 2020 project continues on the same track, steering the city towards a carbon-neutral future. The Peloton project trains ‘gatekeepers’, groups which hold the keys to the energy choices people make.

The energy-efficient city block in Jätkäsaari will offer green services on site and thereby promote a new kind of low-carbon urban lifestyle. It is the result of the Low2No development project, which includes low-energy, low-carbon engineering and construction, resulting in a sustainable built environment.

The fight against climate change is carried out on the national, regional and local level. It is visible in our everyday life and local environment as well as in local decision-making and national building regulations.



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Blog Turning emissions into stone

The CarbFix project proves that carbon capture and storage is doable at an affordable price and within a fast time frame.

1 week ago by Oras Tynkkynen

Event High-level event on attractive climate solutions

How can the world scale up climate action in the current political landscape? How far can we go simply using existing low-carbon solutions? What role can Europe and Nordic countries play? These questions will be addressed at a high-level event organised by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, the Norwegian Mission to the EU and the Nordic Council of Ministers. Our distinguished speakers will...

2 weeks ago by Oona Tiainen

Event Debat og lancering af Nordiske løsninger på globale udfordringer i København

Invitation til lancering og debat. Fem nordiske tænketanke og Nordisk Ministerråd står bag ny analyse som viser at 15 afprøvede nordiske løsninger kan reducere drivhusgasudledningen med 4 gigaton årligt hvis de bliver anvendt i andre dele af verdenen med lignende forudsætninger. Nordisk Energiforskning og det Internationale Energi Agentur (IEA) har endvidere fremlagt en analyse som anviser...

2 weeks ago by Oona Tiainen

Other site Video: Nordiska klimatlösningar som kan inspirera världen

The Nordic Council of Ministers together with Stockholm Environment Institute and Sitra arranged an inspiring breakfast seminar on 26 January in Stockholm. We presented the Nordic Green to Scale report in the event that also discussed what Sweden can do to live up to the ambiotions set by the Paris climate deal with president Trump in power. Nordiska ministerrådet och Stockholm Environment Institute välkomnar dig till ett inspirerande frukostseminarium på Kulturhuset där vi presenterar rapporten Green to Scale och diskuterar vad Sverige kan göra för att leva upp till Parisavtalets ambitioner med president Donald Trump vid makten.

1 month ago from site https:

Other site Video: Nordic Green to Scale in Iceland

Video streaming from the event Nordic Climate Solutions in Reykjavik, Iceland, on 18 January 2017. The event presented the results from the Nordic Green to Scale study in Iceland.

1 month ago from site https:

Event Nordiska klimatlösningar som kan inspirera världen

I ett inspirerande frukostseminarium på Kulturhuset i Stockholm diskuteras vad Sverige kan göra för att leva upp till Parisavtalets ambitioner med president Donald Trump vid makten.

1 month ago by Tuula Sjöstedt

Publication Five spearheads for sustainable development

Realisation of the UN's Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development requires both universality (working to achieve all goals everywhere) and strategic ability (selection and phasing of focus areas). Since all the 17 Agenda 2030 goals are interlinked, some key clusters of goals need to be identified in order to tackle the complex whole. The Finnish Government has been drafting a national...

Eeva Furman, Eva Heiskanen, Heikki Hiilamo, Tuuli Hirvilammi, Eeva Hellström, Janne Hukkinen, Jaakko Kiander, Anne Birgitta Pessi, Juho Saari

Event Opið málþing – Norrænar loflagslausnir: Green to Scale

Á málþinginu verður fjallað um þær 15 árangursríkar norrænu loftlagslausnir sem draga úr losun gróðurhúsalofttegunda á heimsvísu. Auk þess verður kynnt stuttlega hvaða aðferðum tilteknir aðilar beita á Akureyri í sama tilgangi. Markmiðið er að læra af því sem gert er á Norðurlöndum í þessum efnum með þeirri von um að hugmyndir kvikni um það til hvaða...

1 month ago by Tuula Sjöstedt

Publication Climate impact assessment of Nasdaq Helsinki

The leading climate change specialist, South Pole Group (SPG), together with Oekom Research AG (oekom) have been commissioned by Sitra to assess the climate impact of the companies listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Main Market. The results were compared against the equivalent impact of four other indexes; Nasdaq Stockholm, MSCI World, DAX and Eurostoxx 50, with a particular focus on the comparison with...

Robert Rosenberg, Harshpreet Singh (South Pole Group)

Event Nordic Green To Scale i Stockholm

Resultat av Nordic Green to Scale rapportet publiceras i Sverige på seminariet om kommissionens senaste energi- och klimatpaket Ren energi för alla i Europa.

2 months ago

Event Nordic Green to Scale at Nordregio 2016

The Nordregio Forum 2016 gathers together over 150 innovators, researchers, policy-makers and practitioners from different organisations from all over the Nordic countries and elsewhere in Europe. This year's theme is the transition from a fossil to a bio-based and sustainable economy. In the session titled Regions as engines for green transition , Sitra's Senior Advisor Oras Tynkkynen ...

2 months ago by Tuula Sjöstedt

Event Climate Impact Assessment of Companies Listed on Nasdaq Helsinki 2016

Sustainability and climate issues have become more and more important to investors, companies and the stock exchange market. But where are the biggest climate risks in Finnish investment portfolios?   Sitra invites you to join us for the release of this year’s results of the climate impact screening of the companies listed on Nasdaq OMX Helsinki on 15 December 2016 at 09.00-10.30 at Hotel...

2 months ago by Tuula Sjöstedt

Publication Nordic green to scale

2015 was a year of commitments. From now on every year has to be a year of action. To achieve the goals set in the Paris agreement countries need to ramp up their climate efforts significantly. And we need to do it fast. The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra has teamed up with the Nordic Council of Ministers and distinguished institutions from all other Nordic countries to answer a simple question:...

Oras Tynkkynen (ed.)

Publication Nordic green to scale

2015 was a year of commitments. From now on every year has to be a year of action. To achieve the goals set in the Paris agreement countries need to ramp up their climate efforts significantly. And we need to do it fast. The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra has teamed up with the Nordic Council of Ministers and distinguished institutions from all other Nordic countries to answer a simple question:...

Oras Tynkkynen (ed.)

Publication Technical report

This technical report serves as a basis for the flagship report on the Nordic Green to Scale project. The project was led by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, in cooperation with the Nordic Council of Ministers Climate and Air Pollution Group KoL, CICERO, CONCITO, the University of Iceland Institute for Sustainability Studies and the Stockholm Environment Institute. The technical report was...

Jan Ivar Korsbakken and Borgar Aamaas (CICERO)

Event Citizens' Role in Mitigating Climate Change and Reducing Green House Gases

Individual citizens play a significant role in reaching the targets set in the Paris climate agreement. But what can individual people do? How can they work out their carbon footprint? This session includes an introduction to the Citizen’s Pledge initiative as well as information on concrete tools and lifestyle choices that make the biggest impact. The event is organised by Sitra and Climate...

3 months ago by Liisa Poussa

Event Slush introducing smart & clean future

We are creating the future now. What will the future look like? How will we live, move around, eat and work? How and where will we produce food in the future? Innovators and pioneers are providing answers to the challenges of the future. Opportunities are emerging in many fields and the most agile forerunners are moving fast to capture the markets. Come and explore radical clean technologies...

3 months ago by Liisa Poussa

Article Blog: No election result changes this

Recent elections have led to a lively debate about the future of climate action. But climate solutions will continue to make progress.

3 months ago by Oras Tynkkynen

Publication Leading the cycle

Finland's circular economy road map describes the concrete actions that can accelerate the transfer to a competitive circular economy in Finland. The road map highlights best practices and pilots that can be easily replicated and provide added value on a national scale. In the road map tangible actions for growth, investments and exports are emphasised.

Other site Green Growth: Nordic Green to Scale shows potential of scaling up Nordic low-carbon solutions

The Nordic Green to Scale project has identified fifteen low-carbon solutions that have been successfully implemented in the Nordic region, and analysed their scalability and potential to reduce emissions if they were applied globally. The results will be released at the Nordic Pavilion at the COP 22 conference in Marrakech on 16 November. Read more in an article by the Green Growth webmagazine.

3 months ago from site nordicway.org

Event Nordic Green to Scale in Marrakech

Our flagship report demonstrates, how much emissions could be reduced, if best Nordic low-carbon solutions were scaled up globally.

4 months ago by Tuula Sjöstedt

Publication Scientific support for sustainable development policies

In an ever more complex world, we are in dire need of integrative tools to solve widespread societal and sustainability concerns. The development of science-policy interfaces is often omitted in sustainable development policy documents both nationally and globally. Does the scientific support for sustainable development policies really work well enough to warrant this indifference, or are we...

Roope Kaaronen

Publication Scientific support for sustainable development policies

In an ever more complex world, we are in dire need of integrative tools to solve widespread societal and sustainability concerns. The development of science-policy interfaces is often omitted in sustainable development policy documents both nationally and globally. Does the scientific support for sustainable development policies really work well enough to warrant this indifference, or are we...

Roope Kaaronen

News World’s best circular economy solutions come to Helsinki in 2017

The  World Circular Economy Forum 2017 will bring together a large number of world economy reformers. The world is in serious need of solutions concerning how to sustainably create growth and jobs. A pioneering event will offer those solutions in June 2017 in Helsinki, Finland. The agenda features the world’s best circular economy solutions based on the implementation of the UN’s...

4 months ago

Article Leading the cycle – Finnish road map to a circular economy 2016-2025

The world's first road map to a circular economy has been published. “Leading the cycle – Finnish road map to a circular economy 2016-2025” outlines the steps to sustainable success. Finland has a real opportunity to create sustainable well-being and a successful carbon-neutral circular economy over the next 5 to 10 years. The world needs pioneering solutions to ensure that economic...

4 months ago

Blog Is an expert panel agile?

Time challenges the decision makers and researchers of sustainable development to adjust their interaction to new levels, professor Janne I. Hukkinen writes.

6 months ago by Janne Hukkinen

Other site Like Paris? Do more to show it!

After Paris, world leaders were proud and happy - and rightly so. To honour the historic achievement, they now need to update emission targets to match the vision, say Oras Tynkkynen, Mari Pantsar, Bill Hare, Marcia Rocha & Fabio Sferra on the Huffington Post blog. 

7 months ago from site www.huffingtonpost.com

Project Toolkit with building blocks for carbon neutrality for companies

The world is moving towards a low-carbon economy at unprecedented speed. Pioneering companies are already creating products and services for this in Finland. The transition is progressing rapidly, and the competition is hard. But what does carbon neutrality mean for a company? In the markets of the future, the most successful companies will be the ones that are the first to take advantage...

January 2014 to September 2016

News Article series – Carbon-neutral climate business

We have interviewed nine companies, which are already on the road towards carbon neutrality. We will be publishing their stories throughout the summer on our website. We hope that you will be inspired by the examples and will find your own path to carbon neutrality! S Group's systematic approach to energy savings bears fruit   SKF's products help its customers reduce emissions ...

8 months ago by Tuula Sjöstedt

Article Gasum is building a future for biogas

Gasum places emission-free biogas at the centre of its strategy, alongside liquefied natural gas (LNG) and natural gas. The vision is to build a gas ecosystem.

8 months ago

Publication What does the Paris climate agreement mean for Finland and the European Union?

This report investigates the implications of the Paris climate agreement's long-term temperature goal for greenhouse gas emissions in Finland and in the European Union. It finds the EU's targets adopted for 2030 and 2050, and therefore also concerning Finland, are not ambitious enough to achieve the Paris Agreement goals. This implies that ambition levels need to be revised upwards in order to...

Marcia Rocha, Fabio Sferra, Michiel Schaeffer, Niklas Roming, Andrzej Ancygier, Paola Parra, Jasmin Cantzler, Alain Coimbra, Bill Hare

Article Eniram's software helps reduce shipping emissions

A system developed by the Finnish software company Eniram helps reduce the fuel consumption and emissions of maritime vessels. 60% of the world's cruise ships are already using their products.

8 months ago

Publication Technical report for global climate screening tool

The UK's Met Office has been commissioned by Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, to develop a climate screening tool to enable Finnish organisations to understand and manage potential risks associated with climate change. This report acts as a technical report. The Met Office has produced an additional user guide report to accompanying this report and the climate screening tool.

Samantha Mullan, Steven Wade, Rosa Barciela, Michael Sanderson

Publication User guide for global climate screening tool

The UK's Met Office has been commissioned by Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, to develop a climate screening tool to enable Finnish organisations to understand and manage potential risks associated with climate change. This report acts as a user guide. The Met Office has produced an additional technical report to accompanying this report and the climate screening tool.

Samantha Mullan, Steven Wade, Rosa Barciela, Michael Sanderson

Publication Carbon handprint

This research report is the result of work carried out by the sustainability assessment team of VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, and the preliminary overview is a jointly funded project with the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra and VTT. It aims to analyse the handprint concept and associated approaches from a corporate perspective with special emphasis on the carbon handprint concept...

Katri Behm, Roope Husgafvel, Catharina Hohenthal, Hanna Pihkola, Saija Vatanen

Event Dialogue for Climate Action

This global conference will discuss opportunities for climate action by the private sector and address the dialogue gap within the framework of COP21 to lead to greater alignment and cooperation with national goals for climate action. The event will be held at Hofburg Conference Venue, Vienna, Austria and broadcast globally online. Sitra is one the conference partners. More detailed information...

9 months ago by Liisa Poussa

Project Biogas ecosystem in Central Finland

Implemented in close co-operation with the Regional Council of Central Finland, this project involves the practical realisation of the targets and outcomes of a Sitra study* exploring the opportunities provided by biogas business ecosystems. Although the project focuses on Central Finland, it will be providing other regions with examples of how they too can promote the biogas business. By drawing...

April 2016 to September 2016

Event Millennium Talks: Smart & Clean

Sitra is arranging in co-operation with TAF, the cities of the Helsinki Metropolitan Region (Espoo, Helsinki and Vantaa) and Helsinki Business Hub a discussion on how cleantech and energy are transformed to a new wave of business. The  Millennium Talks  will be opened by the mayor of Espoo Jukka Mäkelä  together with Sitra's Senior Lead  Tiina Kähö . The keynote will be...

10 months ago by Tuula Sjöstedt

Project Two-way district heating

Competition for customers in the heating market has become much more intense in recent years. This is due to the technological development of different forms of heat production, as well as Finland’s current energy policy and building regulations. District heating companies must actively develop their operating models and seek the most competitive heat production and procurement methods...

January 2016 to May 2016

Project Carbon risks and climate risks

The goal is to clarify the discussion on climate and carbon risks. We want both companies and investors to begin assessing the climate change-related risks their business activities and investments may involve. The project also involves the development of practical tools for investors and companies. Assessing carbon risks in an investment portfolio The Helsinki Stock Exchange’s Climate...

January 2015 to June 2016

Event World Circular Economy Forum 2017

The forum will bring together the world’s leaders, top experts, entrepreneurs, financiers and the civil society to share their ideas and to find common visions for the transition to a Circular Economy globally.

10 months ago

Project Nationwide learning module: climate education and basics of climate change

The project was launched in the autumn of 2014 by facilitating a dialogue between Finnish universities. Co-operation was based on the question of what kind of climate change know-how society needs and whether such needs can be met by the current curricula of universities. A report on the current status of climate education in Finnish universities was drawn up as a basis for discussion. The...

October 2014 to October 2016

Blog Limits of growth cannot be exceeded

Experts in the 70s expected us to have exceeded our planetary limits by now. So how long have we got until we actually do?

11 months ago by Jaakko Kiander

Article Getting things done in sustainable development

The recently appointed Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development started its activities with a forward-leaning approach. At an intensive workshop on the first Monday morning of February, Finland’s current strategy for sustainable development was mulled over and developed further. The idea for the workshop was born last year from the Expert Panel on Sustainable Development, which...

1 year ago by Tuula Sjöstedt

News Expert panel welcomes two new faces

The Expert Panel on Sustainable Development hosted by Sitra has welcomed two new expert members and a new chair. The new members are Tuuli Hirvilammi and Anne Birgitta Pessi.

1 year ago

Event Sino-Finland Low Carbon Solution Workshop

The workshop is jointly hosted by Renmin University of China (RUC), The Finnish Innovation Fund (Sitra), Green & Low Carbon Development Foundation (GDF) and Green Innovation Development Center (iGDP) together. Experts from government, enterprises, academia and media in China and Finland are invited to share their experiences in low-carbon technology innovation and discuss how China would...

1 year ago by Samuli Laita

Event Middle East launch of the Green to Scale Analysis Report

The Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, an independent, research-driven graduate-level university focused on advanced energy and sustainable technologies, and the independent public Finnish think tank Sitra, will 19th January jointly host the Middle East launch of the Green to Scale report that assesses a number of high-impact climate change mitigating solutions from around the world and...

1 year ago by Samuli Laita

Event Sitra in Paris COP21 events

Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, will present during COP21 the flagship reports  Green to Scale  and  Benefits of Carbon Neutrality in a Rapidly Changing Business Environment. Green to Scale has been developed jointly with international partners in 10 countries and addresses the potential to scale up low-carbon solutions across borders. The report demonstrates that we...

1 year ago by Samuli Laita

Publication Benefits of carbon-neutrality in a rapidly changing business

As part of Sitra's programme to accelerate Finland's industrial transformation toward a carbon-neutral society, we commissioned this study to identify the global megatrends and sub trends that will enable the identification of global cleantech opportunities for Finnish business.

Jonathan Robinson, Ross Bruton, Maximilian Wernicke, Olivia Price-Walker (ed.)

Publication Benefits of carbon-neutrality in a rapidly changing business

As part of Sitra's programme to accelerate Finland's industrial transformation toward a carbon-neutral society, we commissioned this study to identify the global megatrends and sub trends that will enable the identification of global cleantech opportunities for Finnish business.

Jonathan Robinson, Ross Bruton, Maximilian Wernicke, Olivia Price-Walker (ed.)

Other site Yle: Ilmarinen poisti hiilivoimaa käyttävät yhtiöt salkustaan

Työeläkeyhtiö Ilmarinen on myynyt pois omistuksensa kolmesta yhtiöstä, joiden toiminnassa hiilivoima oli tärkeässä osassa. Yhtiöt muodostivat Ilmarisen osakesalkkuun merkittävän hiiliriskin. Hiiivoiman suosio maailmalla on laskussa voimistuvan ilmastopolitiikan vuoksi. 

1 year ago from site yle.fi

Publication Climate impact assessment of companies listed on Nasdaq Helsinki

The leading climate change specialist, South Pole Group, together with CDP have been commissioned by Sitra and Nasdaq Helsinki to assess the climate impact of the Nasdaq Helsinki Main Market listed companies. The results were compared against the equivalent impact of 4 other indexes; MSCI World, OSEBX, DAX and EURO STOXX 50, with a particular focus on the differences and similarities with the...

Fredrik Fogde, Alexandre Gazuit, Maximilian Horster, Emma Henninsson

Event Slush Evening for Circular and Clean Solutions

Slush Evening for Circular and Clean Solutions gathers together entrepreneurs, researchers, investors and experts in circular economy, smart water, IoT and biomaterials on November 121th. The programme features the launch of open innovation contests by leading technology companies, pitching competitions, exclusive networking and discussions on the future of circular and clean solutions.  ...

1 year ago by Tuula Sjöstedt

Blog Our carbon footprint

To understand the burden we caused and to offset the emissions, we calculated the carbon footprint of our sailing trip to Almedalen.

1 year ago by Liisa Lahti

Blog Wisdom from Nordic nature

The sailing trip to Almedalen made us reflect on the kind of environment we are leaving to future generations.

1 year ago by Tuula Antola

Blog Mayors and cities: On the road to Paris and beyond

In the last days of June, 20 Nordic mayors, nine representatives from Nordic cities, and 45 experts in urban development and climate change joined together for a special event at Almedalen Week.

1 year ago by Kaj Embrén

Blog Smart & Clean has arrived!

On Wednesday 10 June almost 70 eager Smart & Clean operators from companies, cities and other organisations gathered at Sitra. The theme of the day was to ponder how the metropolitan area could be transformed into a globally leading cleantech reference area and what projects should be started. Prior Oy is currently working on a report that gathers together the top projects in the capital...

1 year ago by Santtu Hulkkonen

Event Almedalen - the Nordic Road to Paris and Beyond

This summer Sitra and three Finnish cities are attending Sweden's biggest event for political decision-makers, Almedalsveckan. We travel carbon-free with a wooden sailing ship.

1 year ago by Tuula Sjöstedt

Publication Carbon game is on! Companies on the move to be carbon neutral

There is no shortcut on the road to carbon neutrality. But neither is there one single, correct way to make the transition. Globally, the phrase carbon neutrality is interpreted in many different ways, and there are disputes on how and when to use it. This report clarifies the rules of the carbon game and highlights some best practices.

Katariina Alhola, Jáchym Judl, Gregory A. Norris, Jyri Seppälä

Blog Quiet progress on climate issues

While climate conventions might seem to make little progress, attitudes and practices are quietly making good ground...

1 year ago by Timo Tyrväinen

Article Making the transition to carbon neutrality – but by what rules?

What is carbon neutrality and what rules do we need to play by in order to attain it? This question was the starting point when a group of Finnish companies attended a workshop organised by Sitra and the Finnish Environment Institute in Helsinki on 15 April. The Carbon Games event focused on goal setting, procedures, tools and communications. Insights and benchmarks for assessing Finland’s...

1 year ago by Katriina Alhola

Blog Climate leadership created at grass-roots level in the US

I took part in the Climate Leadership Conference in Washington, DC in late February . This brings together leading companies, researchers and decision-makers from around the world. The main emphasis was on innovation and new business solutions and partnership types (PPPs) that help prevent climate change. Although we are in the middle of the important Paris Climate Talks, none of the...

1 year ago by Tiina Kähö

Event Neo-Carbon Futures Clinique I

How can citizens and businesses create shared value from an energy revolution, promote co-creativity and responsible lifestyles? The first Neo-Carbon Futures Clinique is seeking for an answer to these questions. The workshop will be arranged in cooperation with Sitra, as part of the Neo-Carbon Energy  project by VTT, Lappeenranta Technical University and the University...

1 year ago by Tuula Sjöstedt

Blog Meanwhile in Sweden

Those companies that can adapt quickly to a changing world will be the future winners...

1 year ago by Janne Peljo

Blog Battling climate change with pond hockey

The glorious winter weather in Helsinki provided the backdrop as teams battled for victory in a pond hockey tournament to fight climate change in February. Pond hockey is a sport for gentlemen and ladies where the only gear required is good cheer, an ice hockey stick and skates. In Finland, this North American sport is referred to as pipolätkä , or beanie hockey. Even though the temperature...

1 year ago by Svante Suominen

Blog Bringing Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) to Finland

Over 70 stakeholders of the Finnish mining industry are now one step closer to knowing how to use TSM to drive performance improvements and build stronger relationships with stakeholders.

2 years ago by Stephanie Meyer

Event Koli Forum 2015

The fourth Koli Forum will be held at the Koli National Park from 9 to 11 September 2015. The theme of the Koli Forum 2015 will be Wealth from the Northern Bioeconomy   – Joint Opportunities and Challenges for Business and Well-being . Northern and Arctic regions share the same challenges and opportunities with respect to the sustainable use of natural resources and moving...

2 years ago by Tuula Sjöstedt

Other site Cut the Fluff: Technology coupled with clever product standards is the answer

Ramón Arratia from Interface visited Finland and CTO Forum on Sitra's invitation. After talking to some CTOs at these very innovative companies, he realised that technology has most of the answers. Today he is very optimistic about the task ahead, a feeling he never gets when coming out of conferences full of sustainability wonks or brand/marketing folks talking empty stuff.

2 years ago from site www.interfacecutthefluff.com

Event Miten yritys muuntuu hiilineutraaliksi – case Interface

  How to create profitable business opportunities from carbon neutrality? How have companies around the world implemented the transformation towards carbon neutrality? How to connect sustainability and innovation with value creation? A worldwide leading carpet company Interface has gone through the transformation decades ago and continues to run profitable business.  We have invited ...

2 years ago by Tuula Sjöstedt

Other site NewScientist: Go low-carbon for the money, says high-profile report

Top economists this week lay out an audacious argument for transforming the world's economy into a low-carbon one. Even if you forget climate change, they say, it is worth doing on its own. That's because a low-carbon economy is an efficient economy that will deliver faster economic growth, better lives and a greener environment. Forget the costs, feel the benefits.

2 years ago from site www.newscientist.com

News Putting a price on carbon – A call for action!

New York Climate Summit: a unique opportunity for real influence The forthcoming United Nations Secretary-General’s Climate Summit in New York on 23 September will gather heads of states and governments from all over the world. After the Copenhagen Climate Summit in 2009, this is the first time that global climate policy regains political attention at the highest level. For Nordic...

2 years ago by Tuula Sjöstedt

News Pertti Korhonen Elected Chairman of the Board of the Climate Leadership Council

Climate Leadership Council founded by Sitra, Neste Oil, Fortum, Kone, Outotec, Caverion and ST1 begins its work. At the inaugural meeting held on 18 June 2014, Pertti Korhonen , President and CEO of Outotec, was elected Chairman of the Board. The other members of the Board are Mikko Kosonen (vice-Chairman), Antti Herlin , Tapio Kuula , Matti Lievonen , Mika Anttonen and Henrik...

2 years ago

News IPCC chairman Pachauri: act now

A leading world expert on climate change, Dr. Rajendra Kumar Pachauri, chairman of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), visited Helsinki on 12 June to deliver a keynote speech to the conference “ Sustainable Futures in a Changing Climate”, organised by the Finland Futures Research Centre (FFRC) . Pachauri also made a personal address aimed at all those in Finland...

2 years ago by Tuula Sjöstedt

Other site Culture - the fourth pillar of sustainability

Art and culture challenge and develop us as individuals and as a society, and thereby help to promote a sustainable society. So says *Páll Tomas Finsson* of PohjolaNorden in his blog at the GreenGrowth Web Magazine [1]. www.nordicway.org [2] [1] http://nordicway.org/2014/06/culture-fourth-pillar-sustainability/ [2] http://www.nordicway.org

2 years ago from site nordicway.org

Event CTO Forum 2014

The Chief Technology Officer Forum will be held on 22 October in Uunisaari, Helsinki .   The CTO Forum provides an opportunity for Finnish technology leaders to discuss the most relevant topics and challenges within research and development, industrial competitiveness, and sustainable business with their peers from companies of different sizes and industries, with the main theme of ...

2 years ago by Tuula Sjöstedt

Event Cleantech Venture Day

Careful risk management – Lowering losses, improving returns Cleantech Venture Day organised by LADEC since 2006 has grown to be the biggest meeting place dedicated to the Nordic Cleantech industry and investors. This year, Sitra will be bringing to discussions risk management issues in a climate constrained world economy . Experts will be sharing views of macro and micro economic...

2 years ago by Tuula Sjöstedt

News Is money fleeing from carbon?

Read about the UK initiative Carbon Tracker, which assesses the carbon-based risk to major investors' portfolios...

2 years ago by Tuula Sjöstedt

Publication A democratic energy transition?

The energy transition (Energiewende) refers to Germany's efforts to switch to renewable energy. The goal is to have renewable energy account for 80 per cent of the country's electricity consumption by 2050. This paper seeks to study the social impact of the energy transition, i.e. how it is affecting Germany's citizens.

Mikko Rissanen

Blog Responsibly – dialogue in Kittilä

The latest blogger in Sitra's Responsibly series explains how her gold mining company keeps locals in Lapland in touch...

2 years ago by Anita Alajoutsijärvi

Article Finland may be a small nation, but it can achieve great things

An expert panel on sustainable development summarised the key findings of its first discussion and presented the resulting summary at a meeting of the Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development held on 22 April 2014. The members of the expert panel on sustainable development are: Eeva Furman, Eva Heiskanen, Heikki Hiilamo, Janne Hukkinen, Jaakko Kiander, Juho Saari. Adapting...

2 years ago

News A democratic energy transition?

Sitra has commissioned a Finnish expert on Germany's major energy transition to draw up a discussion paper on the social impact of Energiewende...

2 years ago by Mikko Rissanen

News Sitra chooses mass information, resource-wise housing and bus transport ideas as pilot projects for Jyväskylä

Sitra’s resource wisdom pilot projects are related to green housing, public transport use and more efficient soil use. Three pilot projects have been selected for further development based on trials conducted as part of the Towards Resource Wisdom initiative run by Sitra and the City of Jyväskylä: Bussiloikka, which aims at increasing public transport use, Resource-Wise Housing, which is...

2 years ago

News Resource-wise housing pilot buildings chosen in Jyväskylä

JAPA is conducting a pilot project with funding from the Finnish Innovation Fund (Sitra) to seek cost-effective solutions for saving energy, reducing emissions and promoting well-being in diverse types of housing companies. The aim of the project is to create an operating model for resource-wise housing. The project will initially be implemented in four housing companies selected for the pilot....

2 years ago

Blog Responsibly – coming together

Sitra's responsible mining expert examines the importance of dialogue, contact and co-operation for the future of the mining industry...

2 years ago by Sylvie Fraboulet-Jussila

News Statement of Intent indicates willingness to develop dialogue

Last year, Sitra has held a series of discussions with the mining industry and its stakeholders. The need for closer co-operation is widely recognised by all. At the initial stage, Sitra invited four key stakeholders of the mining industry to participate in the start-up team, in order to plan co-operation and prepare the work of the Network for Sustainable Mining. Sitra provides support and...

2 years ago by Tuula Sjöstedt

Blog Responsibly – towards sustainable mining through dialogue

Following the end of a process last spring, which resulted in the creation of an action plan for a sustainable extractive industry in Finland, the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC) has been continuing its efforts to shape the Network for Sustainable Mining (NSM). This planning has been done together with representatives from Sitra, the Finnish Association of Extractive Resources...

2 years ago by Eero Yrjö-Koskinen

News New fund invests in energy efficiency – LeaseGreen and Sitra to co-operate

Sitra, along with a number of private investors, is investing in Finland’s first energy efficiency fund. LeaseGreen, a company specialising in energy efficiency services, has developed an innovative investment model for the financing of investments in the built environment, all with the aim of increasing efficient energy use. “We have launched a fund concept that provides an all new tool for...

2 years ago by Sami Tuhkanen

News New expert panel on sustainable development brings a scientific perspective to politics

Sitra is to roll out a new method for deploying the Social Contract for Sustainability over the course of two years. Seeing as it comprises quite a few big names, the expert panel may use some strong words, if necessary . The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra will test a new approach for deploying ecological sustainability in Finnish politics. Sitra will establish an expert panel alongside the...

3 years ago

Blog Energiewende – let's look beyond Europe!

In the latest in Sitra's Energiewende blog series, policy expert Robert Brückmann urges Europe to not ignore the radical energy transitions taking place in Asia...

3 years ago by Robert Brückmann

Blog Germany's Energiewende – criticism is part of development and innovation

Martin Brandt argues that criticism of the German Energy Transition – Energiewende – is part of a long-term development and innovation process Germany’s decision to close all of its nuclear power plants by 2022 is now facing strong opposition. Interestingly enough, this criticism is directed at the Renewable Energy Source Act ( Erneuerbare Energien Gesetz, EEG), currently viewed as a...

3 years ago by Martin Brandt

Blog Germany's Energiewende – Switzerland creates sustainable development model

Like Germany with its radical Energiewende project, Switzerland has decided to make an energy transition – moving away from fossil fuels towards a sustainable economy built on renewable energy. The Swiss have already managed to successfully integrate the objectives and implementation of sustainable development into their federal political system. The country's Sustainable Development...

3 years ago by Jukka Noponen

Other Site Weeks 218-219

With two and a half weeks of travel behind us, and just a few more days left on our HDL tour, the most common question Justin a

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Publication Towards a sustainable well-being society

This discussion paper is an attempt to lay out a path toward a more sustainable society. It introduces several principles of sustainable well-being that meet the key sustainability challenges of advanced societies. Taken together, these principles form a vision of a sustainable well-being society.In addition, the paper analyzes the changing role of government in the transition towards...

Timo Hämäläinen (ed.)

Publication Towards a sustainable well-being society

This discussion paper is an attempt to lay out a path toward a more sustainable society. It introduces several principles of sustainable well-being that meet the key sustainability challenges of advanced societies. Taken together, these principles form a vision of a sustainable well-being society.In addition, the paper analyzes the changing role of government in the transition towards...

Timo Hämäläinen (ed.)

Publication Making cities energy efficient

This report summarises the outcomes of a 30 months duration continuing education project entitled Urban Planners with Renewable Energy Skills (UP-RES). The project was carried out by a multi-disciplinary international consortium with the aim of informing planners and related professionals about energy-efficient and CO2 reducing technologies, practices and systems that can be developed across urban...

Ahonen Anna-Maija, David Thomas, Dorfner Johannes, Nagy Zsofia, Nuorkivi Arto, Peters Christoph, Schönsteiner Karl, Vautz Sarah, Wiltshire Robin, Zöld Andras

Other Site Weeks 207-208

In conversation these days I catch myself talking about "another six months" of Helsinki Design Lab, but we've only four months

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Blog More nature, less stress

The trade magazine Fakta’s January 2013 issue included an article entitled ‘More nature, less stress’, about the SAS Institute , the company ranked number one on the Best Companies to Work For list. It is not a research facility for the airline company of the same name, but a software solution and analytics company based on excellence in statistical analysis. The company’s story began...

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Other Site Weeks 197-200

Undoubtedly, readers of this blog have already read Marco's post from last week, but in case you missed it, we've recently made

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Other Site Weeks 194-196

In another window I'm working on a draft of the feedback form we will send to the 12 Open Kitchen participants.

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Blog India, The Blue Book and Cleantech Nordic

Sitra's Karoliina Auvinen reflects on her visit to India's Renewable Expo, and where Finland can help this giant economy with its cleantech industry...

4 years ago by Karoliina Auvinen

Other Site Weeks 188-189

Gray. Dark. From the Sitra tower one sees a vista of offices, homes, and shops glowing warmly beneath a thick cloud cover.

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Other Site Week 187

It's only tuesday and already the supply of stroopwafels in the office is dangerously low.

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News Energy-smart town planning saves millions

If all new districts were planned like Skaftkärr in Porvoo, local authorities could save up to EUR 2 billion by 2020. Porvoo's energy-efficient land use planning is already raising interest all around Finland. The Skaftkärr project to develop and test energy-efficient land use planning has shown that significant savings and emission cuts could be achieved in Finland by including energy and...

4 years ago by Jukka Noponen

Blog California dreamin’

Not for the first time in its history, San Francisco is being seen as a pioneering city. These days, the sharing economy is the boom on the Bay. How can Finland and the rest of the world learn from it?

4 years ago by Lari Rajantie

News Helsinki's welcome to more than 200 energy-efficiency experts

More than 200 experts in energy efficiency and consumer behaviour from Europe and beyond convened in Helsinki for the Energy Efficiency & Behaviour (BEhavE) 2012 conference on 20 and 21 September. These researchers, authorities and experts from companies and communities were united by a desire to promote energy efficiency. Never before had a group this large been brought together to find...

4 years ago by Tuula Sjöstedt

Blog When energy saving saves no energy

If I replace my old rusty car with a low-consumption hybrid, the price of one kilometre driven decreases quite nicely. Driving is inexpensive now so I may drive more than before, perhaps buy a second car too. Energy saving and emissions reductions remain smaller than expected or do not manifest themselves at all. If one replaces a standard bulb with an energy saving one, it is a well-known fact...

4 years ago

Other Site Week 178

Signing out of my hotel in London today I made the mistake of putting the date down as September. Not yet, Bryan. Not yet.

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Article Confused by climate change science? The site that gives the facts

Climateguide.fi is a new web site providing various stakeholders with a single objective source for information about climate change cause, effect and mitigating actions. Anyone with a high electricity bill – which means just about all of us – has considered how to bring that bill down. Most of us are deterred from taking action by the confusing and diffuse mass of information on...

4 years ago

Blog Visions for a better future?

We are about to face great challenges. If all the people in the world lived like Finns do, we would need nearly 3.5 planets just like our Earth. Unfortunately, we only have the one. Natural resources are depleting, and we also need to deal with climate change. We should cut our emissions by 80 per cent before 2050 to keep the global average temperature rise below the critical two degrees. To...

4 years ago by Johanna Kirkinen

Other Site Weeks 171-173

As I write this, my mind is a few days in the future, thinking about Friday at 9:30 when we will kick off "official" HDL 2012 a

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Blog Everyone can fight climate change

The Finnish Broadcasting Company recently reported research claiming that climate change, population growth and environmental damage may cause the environment to collapse in a few decades from now. More than 5,000 people shared the story on Facebook, with comments reflecting frustration and despair: why can these problems not be solved? I have pondered the same thing while working on...

4 years ago by Karoliina Auvinen

News Sitra’s Energy Programme to save Finland billions of euros

Sitra’s Energy Programme will save Finland EUR 1.2 billion per year beginning in 2020. It has been calculated that projects implemented by the Energy Programme and its partners will help reduce heating energy consumption by 19 percent and emissions by about five percent in 2020. The goal of Sitra’s Energy Programme (2008–2012) was to create a downward trend in energy use and emissions...

4 years ago by Tuula Sjöstedt

News Sitra and Cleantech Invest support One1, a provider of local renewable energy solutions

Press release by Sitra, Cleantech Invest and One Sitra and Cleantech Invest have made an investment in One1, a Lahti-based company providing local renewable energy solutions. In addition to supporting local use of renewable energy sources, the investment facilitates the growth and internationalisation of One1. The company’s solutions enable energy companies to centrally produce...

4 years ago

Event Forum on Eco-efficient Urban Planning

The ECO2-project, Vuores-project and Sitra arrange a Forum on Eco-efficient Urban Planning. This side event of the Housing Fair will present good examples on sustainable urban development in Finland and abroad.

5 years ago by Tuula Sjöstedt

News Energy Efficiency and Behaviour Conference 2012 on improving end-user energy efficiency

News February 13, 2012   Energy Efficiency & Behaviour Conference 2012: The latest research results and experiences on improving end-user energy efficiency   The international conference on September 20 th - 21 st , 2012 in Helsinki investigates the role of consumption behaviour, regulatory steering and support mechanisms, and innovative user-friendly solutions in terms of...

5 years ago by Tuula Sjöstedt

Project ”Vihreä Kaupunki” (Green City) documentary on ecological construction

"Vihreä kaupunki" was a two-part television documentary concerning the challenges, current status and opportunities of ecological construction in Europe. The documentary introduced the most interesting eco-houses and their visionary designers, and sought a sustainable direction for future construction. Climate change awareness has increased substantially in recent years, and people look for...

June 2009 to December 2010

Project Business opportunities of the Finnish smart grid sector

Smart grids have a pivotal role in increasing the energy efficiency of built environments. With smart grids, electricity consumption and production opportunities could be managed while creating new service models. Finland has extensive competence related to this. Finding out this competence, surveying the potential market areas and promoting business opportunities are important for the...

June 2010 to July 2011

Project Replacing conventional light bulbs, action model for replacing mercury bulbs in outdoor lighting (the Ekovalo project)

The goal of the Ekovalo project was to improve the energy efficiency of lighting by replacing conventional and mercury bulbs with energy- and cost-effective lighting solutions. The enforcement measures of the EuP Directive of the European Commission signify that conventional and mercury bulbs be gradually phased out of the market. The project supplied research-based information for a consumer...

June 2009 to May 2011

Project Finland to lead the way in being energy-smart

In January 2010, Minister of Housing Jan Vapaavuori, Sitra and Tekes invited an extensive number of specialists to find out the best ways of promoting an energy-smart approach. The work resulted in an action plan titled ERA17 – For an Energy-Smart Built Environment 2017 . An energy-smart built environment refers to an energy-efficient, low-emission built environment of a high quality, where...

January 2010 to December 2012

Article Local solutions create a global bio-economy

Sitra takes a broad and societal approach to bio-economy – an approach that has influenced Finnish government policy. What does “bio-economy” mean to you, if anything? Perhaps one of three things. To many people, it’s an area of the economy based on a certain kind of biomass or biotechnology-based business. To others, it might be a way of using business with a positive ecological...

5 years ago

Other site World Class Sustainable Solutions from Finland

World-class sustainable solutions from Finland -julkaisu esittelee suomalaisen rakentamisen, energiatehokkuuden ja yhdyskuntasuunnittelun parhaita paloja. Tämä Sitran, Tekesin ja VTT:n julkaisema esite julkaistiin SB11-messuilla Helsingissä. World-class sustainable solutions from Finland presents the best Finnish examples in building, energy efficiency and community planning. The brochure was published by Sitra, Tekes and VTT at the SB11 in Helsinki.

5 years ago from site www.tekes.fi

Project Ekotaajama project

The main goal of the Ekotaajama project is to model the process of zoning, designing, marketing and building a resident-oriented and energy-efficient residential area. The concept piloted in the project will also be specified into a product that will be applied elsewhere. The project is being implemented by six municipalities in Central Finland: Jyväskylä, Jämsä, Petäjävesi, Multia,...

September 2010 to June 2012

Other site Video: Peloton Low Carbon Innovation Camp

Peloton Low Carbon Innovation Pilot Camp was held in on April 27th 2010 at Aalto University's Design Factory in Finland.   The Peloton project by Demos Helsinki and Sitra Finnish Innovation Fund pushes a low carbon economy through new product and service innovations. Tekijä: Demos Helsinki www.peloton.me

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Project INNOVA – from an apartment building to a passive house

The overall goal of the project is to prepare and demonstrate total repair solutions to improve the energy efficiency of apartments built in the 1970s. A further goal is to open up the renovation market to specifically achieve the minimum energy level of old buildings by highlighting the opportunities and impact of basic renovation solutions. The project focuses on reducing the energy need of...

June 2010 to December 2012

Project Ilmasto-opas.fi Information on climate change at one address

Ilmasto-opas.fi is a new website bringing together climate information in Finnish under one address. The website provides information about the Finnish climate and climate change, analysed down to individual regions. The material on the website is being produced by Finland’s leading climate researchers and experts. The website content will be supplemented and developed gradually. The website...

December 2011 to December 2012

News Sitra earns Green Office certificate

Sitra joined the Green Office network a year ago, when environmental work within the Sitra organisation was launched. Sitra’s target is to continuously reduce its emissions with the aim of becoming completely carbon neutral by 2017, which is also when Sitra will be celebrating its 50th anniversary.

5 years ago

Project Energy efficiency demonstration at the Tampere Housing Fair 2012

The project promotes energy efficient construction in partnership with the Housing Fair Finland Co-op by demonstrating, visualising and otherwise popularising energy efficiency in a visible way in the houses at the fair. A special theme of the 2012 Housing Fair is to inform the public of energy efficient construction, energy repair and new energy regulations as of 2012 and their impact on...

February 2011 to September 2012

News Savosolar - Sitra backs world renowned Finnish technology

Sitra has invested in Savo-Solar Oy, a manufacturer of solar thermal solutions based in Mikkeli, Finland, whose innovative technology is already making waves across the world. The goal is to promote the production of cost-effective renewable energy integrated into buildings and district heating systems. The systems are equally applicable to the domestic Finnish and export markets. In addition, the amount of local energy produced near the end consumers will also be increased.

5 years ago

News Six biggest cities aim to lead Finnish climate policy

The mayors of the cities of Helsinki, Espoo, Tampere, Vantaa, Turku and Oulu adopted a joint climate declaration at their meeting in the Old City Hall in Helsinki, last Wednesday. They emphasised the cities’ responsibility in combating climate change and proposed six concrete climate initiatives which the cities will promote through joint efforts.

5 years ago

Event World Congress on Sustainable Building SB11

Sitra will be taking part at the World Congress on Sustainable Building SB11 . Organised by RIL, the congress will be held at the Helsinki Fair Centre on 18-21 October 2011. Together with Tekes and VTT, Sitra will be present at the Finland booth at the congress. Welcome to discuss sustainability issues with us! More on the event »

5 years ago

News Forerunners go rural

New kinds of consumer groups have increasingly demanding and diverse preferences regarding the countryside. Future success will be achieved by businesses and municipalities who first identify the new opportunities and are capable of meeting the demand of the new consumer groups.

5 years ago

Article Mexico and Central America – targets for Finnish environmental exports

In recent years, Finnish environmental exports have mainly focused on Asia, China in particular. There are huge prospects for cleantech exports in China provided that the efforts are successful and Finnish technology is actively purchased. But amidst all the hype about China, have opportunities on the other side of the world been forgotten? Why are virtually all eggs in the same Asia basket?

5 years ago

News Rural policy must be reformed - demand and global challenges to the focus of rural thinking

Rural policy requires forward-looking, demand-based thinking that will respond both to the individual needs of moving and multi-located Finns as well as global challenges to the environmental, energy and natural resources policies. The upcoming spring elections and the on-going reform of rural financing programmes offer an excellent time window for reforming thinking about the countryside.

6 years ago

Article Kaarin Taipale: Securing sustainability is risk management

The concept of Sustainable Development was not invented yesterday. In the past 20 years we have learned how to use the web and the mobile phone, but many of us continue to pretend that sustainability is nothing for beefeaters. Was the message wrong, or was the messenger?

6 years ago

News Porvoo to become a city of carbon-free housing

The City of Porvoo in Finland is about to take a giant leap to become the number one place of residence in Finland in terms of energy efficiency. A new energy-efficient residential area for 6,000 people will be built in Porvoo’s Skaftkärr. The entire area will be designed and built so that the buildings, services, living environment, traffic arrangements and waste management will be run energy-efficiently.

6 years ago

Event The Branding of Green Business

Sitra, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and the US Embassy are hosting a presentation by visiting US / Multinational Business Executives Kim Jordan and Pedro Chidichimo.

6 years ago

Event Green building -key notes

Sitra, the City of Tampere’s ECO2 Program and the US Embassy are hosting a presentation on green building and urban sustainability by US expert William Reed of Integrative Designs and Sitra energy expert Dr. Johanna Kirkinen.

6 years ago

Project Little big book on energy

Nearly all Finns have a dwelling of their own. Studies show that most of us are willing to save energy and combat climate change. But what many do not have, however, is a clear idea how these two issues could be taken into account in one’s own dwelling. This is the problem. Home is important to us all and it is the one place where we should be able to feel happy and active. Pieni suuri...

June 2010 to September 2011

News Antti Hautamäki: Sustainable innovation, A New Age of Innovation and Finland’s innovation policy. Sitra report 87, 2010

The book Sustainable Innovation describes the main features of the Finnish innovation system and highlights its main development challenges, drawing partly from the analyses of the writer but also from reports of the international innovation system evaluation panel from 2009. However, the main focus of the book is in the analysis of general principles and new forms of innovation activities. The book launches the concept of sustainable innovation and evaluates the innovation policy in the light o

6 years ago

Project Urban Planners with Renewable Energy Skills

The training project develops operating models and common European policies in order to strengthen the energy know-how of urban planners. Providing energy-related training for urban planners commenced in September 2010 through the UP-RES project . The project is supported by the EU and is part of the Intelligent Energy Europe programme. Sitra participates in the financing and operations of the...

August 2010 to December 2012

Project ECO2 - Eco-efficient Tampere 2020

ECO 2 – Eco-efficient Tampere 2020 is a project that will run for the next 10 years. The city's political establishment has committed itself to the project, which in its initial stages will also be supported by Sitra. The aim is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 30% by 2020, compared to 1990, despite the population increase in the region. Tampere is a platform with sufficient...

April 2010 to December 2012

Project "Economising energy and euros" action

Funded jointly by the Ministry of the Environment and Sitra, the action for economising energy and euros is the Rural Women's Advisory Organ's project action in 2010. The objective is to save energy in everyday activities and establish energy saving as a permanent lifestyle by means of practical examples and saving money. Each participant receives an Energy Saver’s Passport and an Every...

May 2010 to May 2011

Event Reinventing Fire - puhujana Michael Potts

Sitra järjestää yhteistyössä USA:n Suomen suurlähetystön kanssa tilaisuuden Reinventing Fire: Speeding Our Transition to Efficiency and Renewable Energy. Puhujana Michael Potts, Rocky Mountain Instituten toimitusjohtaja. Tilaisuus on osa USA:n suurlähetystön Energy and Environment Series -sarjaa.

7 years ago

Project Organising energy counselling in Finland

The project aims at developing an operational model and principles for the most efficient way of organising and coordinating energy counselling for citizens in Finland.

January 2009 to December 2012

News Winner for Sitra’s Low2No Sustainable Development Design Competition selected

The Low2No Competition for an energy- and innovation block in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki, is shifting from ideas to implementation. The five international teams, selected out of 74 applicants to take part in the competition last May, have delivered their competition proposals during the summer. The competition results were published on Tuesday, September 1st in Helsinki, Finland.

7 years ago

News Sitra’s Wellsprings of Finnish Vitality development programme seeks paths to success

Autumn 2009 will see the launch of Sitra’s new five-stage development programme entitled Wellsprings of Finnish Vitality. The programme will generate measures based on the various views on how Finland’s operating environment will be affected by the financial and economic crises currently shaking the word, climate change and the development in ICT.

7 years ago

News Improving customer orientation in energy counselling – Sitra’s working group proposes a coordinating actor

Sitra’s Energy Programme organised a series of workshops in which the actors already providing or working in the field of energy counselling jointly designed a new overall system of energy counselling in Finland. Today, Minister of Labour Tarja Cronberg accepted the working group’s report and promised to take immediate action in order to introduce the model into practice.

7 years ago

News Sitra invested in energy-saving services

Sitra has invested in Kodin Onniset Oy, a company offering energy-saving services. The company offers energy-saving solutions and services to consumers and business customers.

7 years ago

Project Peloton

The project aims at recognising so-called energy gatekeeper groups who have a great influence on energy choices, and to create new kind of communities. Through these measures, new forms of working will be created, and people will gain a better understanding of the impact that their decisions as consumers have on energy efficiency.

January 2009 to December 2011

Project ILMANKOS - Climate change and civic participation in Tampere

ILMANKOS is a project launched by the City of Tampere. The project aims to promote the concrete participation of citizens and organisations in mitigating climate change. The project is split into two parts: a publicity campaign and a research and development section. The aim of the project is to increase awareness among the residents of Tampere of saving energy, and in the long run to reduce...

September 2008 to December 2010

News Sitra gives energy sector a boost – from words into action

On 10 June 2008, Sitra gathered energy sector decision-makers to the Energy efficient future - from words into action seminar. The seminar launched Sitra’s five-year Energy Programme that aims to make the energy use of communities more effective. International experts in the field shared their experiences on best practices, challenges and possibilities.

8 years ago

Article Kari Rissa: More Clear Skies for China

The air in the major cities of China is hazy with pollution, and the rivers and lakes are contaminated with poisons and wastewater. China has sixteen of the world’s twenty most polluted cities. In the coming decades, however, more blues skies are hopefully in sight for China’s badly polluted cities.

8 years ago

Project Energizing Europe Conference

Energizing Europe: International Conference on Energy and Environmental Policy 26.-28.9.2007, Helsinki Abstract of the conference Together with the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra the Alfred Herrhausen Society organized a conference on the Topic: Energizing Europe that took place 26–28 September 2007 in Helsinki.   From September 26 to 28, Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund,...

September 2007 to September 2007

Article Petteri Taalas: Is climate change good or bad for Finland?

Climate change has, in a matter of two years, changed from something only specialist atmosphere experts would be concerned about, into a topic on the daily agenda for politicians and economists. The reality of climate change and the anticipated social and economic repercussions have now been acknowledged like they never were before.

9 years ago

News Sitra and Provider launch a new Cleantech Venture Capital Fund

Climate change and rising energy and raw material prices are rapidly leading to a wider use of cleantech applications. This has stirred among investors a great deal of interest in cleantech and the new opportunities it provides. Sitra has set as its target to create a €100–160 million fund investing in Nordic cleantech enterprises.

9 years ago

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