1. Business development

    New success stories are born from business models and ecosystems that operate beyond sectoral and technological boundaries.

  2. What is an ecosystem?

    The decentralised production process for bioethanol is a prime example of a new business ecosystem, combining raw materials, by-products and production logistics into a profitable business.

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    1. Cleaning Day 2014 in Helsinki

      Study: Helsinki Capital Region...

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      Helsinki Region is in a good position to become a leading international cleantech metropolis. This is the conclusion of a study commissioned by Sitra from...

      2 years ago by Tuula Sjöstedt

From business branches to ecosystems

Economic renewal requires new vision and bold choices on the national level. In Finland, economic growth has traditionally been based on individual sectors, such as the forest industry and the ICT sector. Today, however, business must be developed beyond sectoral boundaries, creating new ecosystems in the open and global economy.

Sitra as a business developer

We look for new business models and business areas with strong future potential. We also seek to identify structural obstacles to economic growth in Finland and eliminate them through market action.

We carry out experiments and pilot projects to test and develop operations and operating models that meet market needs. These projects aim to create a foundation for solid and sustainable business.

The Landmarks Programme, for example, studies future demand related to the countryside. We develop and test new business models for local food, local energy and the local bioeconomy. We also encourage businesses to pursue novel ideas and opportunities.


  • Identifies and brings together the parties needed to find a solution to a problem.
  • Serves as a facilitator and responsible party in projects.
  • Launches experimental projects as the owner.
  • Invests capital in the core companies of business ecosystems.



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Publication Climate impact assessment of Nasdaq Helsinki

The leading climate change specialist, South Pole Group (SPG), together with Oekom Research AG (oekom) have been commissioned by Sitra to assess the climate impact of the companies listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Main Market. The results were compared against the equivalent impact of four other indexes; Nasdaq Stockholm, MSCI World, DAX and Eurostoxx 50, with a particular focus on the comparison with...

Robert Rosenberg, Harshpreet Singh (South Pole Group)

Event Climate Impact Assessment of Companies Listed on Nasdaq Helsinki 2016

Sustainability and climate issues have become more and more important to investors, companies and the stock exchange market. But where are the biggest climate risks in Finnish investment portfolios?   Sitra invites you to join us for the release of this year’s results of the climate impact screening of the companies listed on Nasdaq OMX Helsinki on 15 December 2016 at 09.00-10.30 at Hotel...

2 months ago by Tuula Sjöstedt

Publication Leading the cycle

Finland's circular economy road map describes the concrete actions that can accelerate the transfer to a competitive circular economy in Finland. The road map highlights best practices and pilots that can be easily replicated and provide added value on a national scale. In the road map tangible actions for growth, investments and exports are emphasised.

News World’s best circular economy solutions come to Helsinki in 2017

The  World Circular Economy Forum 2017 will bring together a large number of world economy reformers. The world is in serious need of solutions concerning how to sustainably create growth and jobs. A pioneering event will offer those solutions in June 2017 in Helsinki, Finland. The agenda features the world’s best circular economy solutions based on the implementation of the UN’s...

4 months ago

Article Leading the cycle – Finnish road map to a circular economy 2016-2025

The world's first road map to a circular economy has been published. “Leading the cycle – Finnish road map to a circular economy 2016-2025” outlines the steps to sustainable success. Finland has a real opportunity to create sustainable well-being and a successful carbon-neutral circular economy over the next 5 to 10 years. The world needs pioneering solutions to ensure that economic...

4 months ago

Article A neckerchief that shows the way to the future of the circular economy

Right now, at the end July, future visions for the circular economy have set up camp for awhile in the middle of the Häme region's forests. Over 17,000 Scouts have spread out over the patchwork landscape of ponds and lakes in Hämeenlinna's Evo Camping Centre. Each and every Scout carries a glimpse of the circular economy with them. But first, let's take a spin around Tallinn on a June day: The...

7 months ago by Samuli Laita

Project Toolkit with building blocks for carbon neutrality for companies

The world is moving towards a low-carbon economy at unprecedented speed. Pioneering companies are already creating products and services for this in Finland. The transition is progressing rapidly, and the competition is hard. But what does carbon neutrality mean for a company? In the markets of the future, the most successful companies will be the ones that are the first to take advantage...

January 2014 to September 2016

News Article series – Carbon-neutral climate business

We have interviewed nine companies, which are already on the road towards carbon neutrality. We will be publishing their stories throughout the summer on our website. We hope that you will be inspired by the examples and will find your own path to carbon neutrality! S Group's systematic approach to energy savings bears fruit   SKF's products help its customers reduce emissions ...

7 months ago by Tuula Sjöstedt

Article Gasum is building a future for biogas

Gasum places emission-free biogas at the centre of its strategy, alongside liquefied natural gas (LNG) and natural gas. The vision is to build a gas ecosystem.

8 months ago

Article Eniram's software helps reduce shipping emissions

A system developed by the Finnish software company Eniram helps reduce the fuel consumption and emissions of maritime vessels. 60% of the world's cruise ships are already using their products.

8 months ago

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