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    Finding the best possible future for Finland is Sitra’s primary objective and guides all our operations.

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Research and training help Sitra to have an impact

Research for sustainable well-being

All research conducted at Sitra is connected to its sustainable well-being strategy. Sitra's research challenges this strategy from a certain standpoint, deepens certain aspects of Sitra's strategic understanding or enables it to build new strategic perspectives. 

Research is at the core of Sitra's work, along with its focus area activities, societal training and corporate investment. Sitra's research team provides research data and skills that fulfil the needs of its three theme areas. The team also carries out individual research projects within the limits of Sitra's research budget.

However, Sitra does not engage in academic research, but focuses on bringing existing knowledge together. We carry out and commission research that:

  • makes a clear, verifiable contribution to meeting the challenge under investigation
  • aims to have a conceptual (leading to deeper knowledge of a given subject), instrumental  (helps find solutions) or expertise-building (at individual or institutional level) impact 
  • is genuinely useful to our stakeholders

Building social competence

Sitra's societal training is designed to boost the ability of Finnish decision-makers and opinion formers to deal jointly with the key social challenges and opportunities of the future.

Sitra's training concept is based on collective learning. This means that knowledge, understanding and reality are built together with the participants, making the training model more representative of a joint development approach than traditional education models.

Participants in Sitra training represent various sectors of society. They are recruited using an open online application process and direct approaches to ensure a diverse participant pool that is genuinely enthusiastic about the training themes.

Sustainable economy policy leadership courses tackle sustainable development challenges

Sustainable economy policy leadership courses are a training concept launched by Sitra in spring 2013 to exploit the best practices identified in earlier sustainable economy training, provided between 1977 and 2005. The new training model approaches financial policy from a much wider perspective than earlier courses.

In addition to learning about the starting points and methods of financial policymaking in Finland, leadership courses are about building an understanding of how a more comprehensive, long-term approach typical of sustainable development can be incorporated into the practices and management of financial policy.

The courses are by invitation only; the participants share a common need for understanding sustainable financial policy and knowledge of how to implement this in their work. Your can nominate yourself or someone you know as a candidate for participation in Sitra's sustainable economy policy leadership courses, using the Finnish language online application form here.

Ratkaisu 100 challenge prize competition

At the beginning of 2016, we launched an open challenge competition Ratkaisu 100 with the aim of solving a precisely defined social problem. The competition will be run as a facilitated process based on co-creation, making use of the lessons learned from past training concepts such as the Synergise Finland forums.

The future – one theme at a time

The Synergise Finland forums have brought together groups of opinion formers from all walks of life, ranging from grass-roots actors to political decision-makers. While learning from one another, they have explored the structural and cultural changes required in Finland in connection with the forum theme. These forums have involved practical experiments and actions aimed at solving the identified social problems.

Each forum has had around 30 participants, with a range of expertise on the theme in question. Each forum has lasted 4-5 months.

The theme of the first ever Synergise Finland forum was New Work (in 2011). The second forum's theme was New Democracy (2011-12). The third Synergise Finland forum focused on Sustainable Economy (2012-2013). The fourth forum's theme was New Security (2013-2014) and the fifth focused on New Education (2014-2015).



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Congratulation for this article. It represent the real future suomi power that I knew during my stay in University of Helsinki.

Currently I'm working in a chilean ministry to promote R&D&innovation, and finland is a great model.

My best regards

Hector Paz 2 years 1 month ago

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