1. Well-being data

    The flexible and unimpeded use of well-being data forms the basis of high-quality research, care and treatment.

  2. Using well-being data

    • A digital health hub will securely gather and distribute data for further use.
    • The related project will lay the ground for the launch of a new digital health hub in autumn 2017.
  3. A digital health hub will enable

    • the unhindered, secure and reliable use of well-being data from various sources
    • high-quality care and treatment for individuals
    • the easier use of health data in research and product development
    • the creation of new services and business activities.

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      According to a survey, Finns are interested in their own health and well-being data and have a positive attitude regarding its use.

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Information on individuals is currently gathered into multiple national and local systems in Finland. This scattered data, and any data systematised from it, is used for its original purpose only – to solve acute problems and ailments affecting individuals. In addition, the individual’s role as a generator, user and proactive manager of data is being transformed. More people are beginning to understand the value of the data gathered on them. New data is continuously generated by our own activities (e.g. on our well-being and physical activity levels) in addition to that gathered by social and healthcare services.

The wider use of this valuable data, which is spread between systems, would benefit individuals, healthcare, the nursing and care sector, research and business activities. Huge potential exists for the more versatile use of our extensive data reserves to provide higher-quality social and healthcare and other services.

We should make wider use of these internationally unique data reserves, allowing the related individuals themselves to “own” and control such data. Data from various sources should be made easily available on a one-stop-shop basis. Exchanging information between individuals and various operators, and access to systematised data, should be streamlined when those involved have a need and the right to do so. Another benefit would be the avoidance of overlapping data in multiple locations.

This new approach would provide major opportunities for business, research and new growth. It would also make the further processing of data – and the subsequent generation of products and services – easier. In addition, an attractive health and well-being R&D sector could spring up in Finland, which would further enhance the already revitalised well-being business.

Sitra has launched a new set of projects to prepare for the establishment of an organisation focused on gathering together and co-ordinating well-being data. The working title of this is “Isaacus – the Digital Health HUB.

From a single access point, this service organisation will provide data that can influence well-being (e.g. patient, demographic and lifestyle data) and open data gathered from various registers and sources. When gathering and processing this data, special attention will be paid to privacy protection, data security and the individual as the key decision-maker on how the data is used and by whom.

As a solution, this has the advantage of using all data in Finland while taking due account of the attendant rights. Citizens will be able to view their own data, as well as using it to maintain their own well-being and access services based on better data than now. Unhindered use of the full range of data generated by society will lead to better care and treatment with more impact, boost the efficiency of service production and research, and help the business sector to grow.

Sitra's projects are aimed at the preparation and launch of the Digital Health HUB. This is a continuation of previous Sitra projects which focused on issues such as management based on social and healthcare data, trials of self-care eHealth services, the development of eServices, knowledge-based well-being as a whole and the use of genome data in healthcare maintenance and illness prevention. The work will be done in extensive collaboration with the public and private sectors and NGOs. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, the National Institute for Health and Welfare, the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities, Statistics Finland and CSC - IT Center for Science are among the organisations involved. The project began in September 2015 and will be completed in autumn 2017.





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Event Health Tuesday

Isaacus goes Health Tuesday! The Health Tuesday event will this time focus on the Isaacus – Digital Health HUB. Join us and learn what is happening in the Isaacus project just now, talk with the teams responsible for the pre-production projects and network with the experts reforming the field of social and healthcare services. After the opening session of Health Tuesday (from 8.00 to 8.30),...

1 week ago by Kirsi Suomalainen

Other site Survey of attitudes to welfare data in Finland

The Sitra survey on the attitudes of Finnish citizens towards the use of well-being data was conducted by a TNS Gallup Finland online panel in the summer of 2016. The survey examined topics related to the secondary use of personal social welfare and health data, such as citizen attitudes, trust and the general interest in the subject. Summary of the survey. 2 Nov. 2016

3 months ago from site www.slideshare.net

Project Isaacus pre-production projects

The “Isaacus – the Digital Health HUB ” project is preparing to collect well-being data and establish an operator to focus on its co-ordination. One part of this project entity is formed by its pre-production projects, during which some of the activities of the future Digital Health HUB operator are drawn up and the ecosystem required is built. Pre-production projects under way The...

December 2015 to December 2017

Event Junction Hackathon Riihi and Isaacus

RIIHI collabaration (Sitra, Tekes, STM & RAY) is participating Junction Hackathon on 25th-27th November. The aim is to further develop Omakanta  Personal Health Record  as a platform where data from wearables and apps  and data from health care and social service professionals can be combined.  Apply now!   A HACKATHON EXPERIENCE "Junction...

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Event Isaacus seminar: Time to get the ball rolling

Reform and change are key elements of the Isaacus project, as we endeavour to facilitate the use of well-being data from a multitude of sources. Reform means increased co-operation and changes to work methods and processes in many organisations. A collective will and shared efforts are needed to get the project to the goal line. Helena Åhman will be our guide for the topic of the day under the...

5 months ago by Kirsi Suomalainen

Other site Secure use of health and social data will be further improved

In the future, personal client data saved in health and social services’ databases can be used more efficiently to support, for example, social decision-making and development of health and social services. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is requesting opinions on its draft Act on Safe Use of Health and Social Data, and on amending the Act on National Institute for Health and Welfare. (Press release of Ministry of Social Affairs and Health 11 Aug. 2016)

6 months ago from site stm.fi

Other site Better use of health data requires a new client-oriented approach

Better use of health and social data requires a new client-oriented approach. The targets defined by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in its draft bill of 11 August, calling for more versatile deployment of datasets, are achievable. This requires, however, the establishment of a new national centre responsible for data disclosure, data access authorisation, and availability data maintenance. (News release of National Institute for  Health and Welfare 1 Sept. 2016)

6 months ago from site https:

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Finnish well-being data is hidden in a treasure chest. It is time to start refining and using the data in an agile and reliable manner.

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Article Data should equal people power

Controlling the growing mass of personal data will have enormous benefits for society and individuals.

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