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Published March 22, 2017

Circular Economy Showroom - Where circular meets digital

Organiser: Deloitte
Date & time: Wednesday 7 June at 8.30-11.30
Location: Finlandia hall, Veranda 4, Helsinki

Description: Deloitte’s Circular Economy Showroom presents circular economy innovation pioneers from Finland and abroad – with the focus on how digitalisation enables novel circular solutions and accelerates the transition to a circular future. The event offers the audience a forum for co-innovating, networking and developing their own circular economy initiatives with the help of Deloitte’s Ten Types of Innovation framework as well as leading inspirational company cases.

Detailed programme:

8.30 Registration and breakfast
9.00 Introduction: Innovating the way towards a digital circular economy
9.30 Circular Economy Showroom – Where circular meets digital
11.30 Event ends

Riikka Poukka, Sustainability Leader, Deloitte
6-7 company showcases

Contact: Minna Kumpulainen, Marketing, minna.kumpulainen@deloitte.fi, +358405321879

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