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Combating climate change by circular economy and systemic change

closing the material loops and creating new business possibilities


Aalto University is proud to host one of WCEF2019’s side events on 5 June. In the seminar, experts and innovators reveal how closing the material loops can slow down the climate change and create new business possibilities. Topics vary from water systems, algae and nutrients to textiles, battery metals and systems perspective for reducing overconsumption.

Assistant Professor Mari Lundström is in charge of the BATCircle Consortium that promotes the circular economy of battery metals. The goal of the consortium is to generate a battery market in Finland worth as much as 5 billion euros. Researcher Mari Granström, the founder of Origin by Ocean, sees blue-green algae as sea biomass, which can be collected and utilised for various purposes, for example, as raw material in cosmetics. Aalto University’s Professor Riku Vahala, with his research group and partners, develops a method to refine wastewater nitrogen into a valuable fertiliser.

A scarce and wise use of resources is also one of the cornerstones of a circular economy. NASA Researcher and Director of UpCycle Systems Jonathan Trent reveals what kind of perspectives research carried out in Mars opens up in terms of solving major challenges related to food, water and energy. Aalto University Professor Kirsi Niinimäki describes the revolutionary impact of circular economy thinking on the fashion industry, and Professor Lassi Linnanen from Lappeenranta University of Technology talks about the systemic change required to control overconsumption.

The event takes place in English, and you can find the programme here. The event is open to everyone. Welcome!

Aalto University

Marjo Kettunen, Development Manager,, 050 3042827

Date and time
Wednesday 5 June: 10.00-12.00

School of Business, Aalto University, Ekonominaukio 1, Espoo, Lecture hall Jenny ja Antti Wihurin säätiö

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