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ExpandFibre: Good sustainability policy starts where most good things start: trustworthy knowledge

Antonios Sfakiotakis shared his views on European climate policy with the Metsä and Fortum led channel ExpandFibre. He awaits the summer of 2021 to be fascinating for the forest sector.


Sitra’s Leading Specialist Antonios Sfakiotakis was recently invited to speak at an internal seminar for Metsä and Fortum R&D personnel about European climate policy and share his views on their website.

He argues that a  good place to start policy-making is the credible monitoring, reporting and verification of what is to be regulated. Yet unfortunately, there still is insufficient data on the climate impacts of emerging products such as bio-based textiles, chemicals or packaging. Another important knowledge gap exists on the various competing future demands for wood globally and on the mechanisms by which avoiding emissions through decreased production in Europe might increase emissions through increased, inefficient production elsewhere.

Read the whole blog on ExpandFibre’s website.

Read more: www.expandfibre.com/news/item/good-sustainability-policy-starts-where-most-good-things-start-trustworthy-knowledge

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