Image: Topias Dean, Sitra

Published September 11, 2020

Fostering inclusivity with circularity in Africa’s post COVID-19 recovery

Wednesday 30 September 2020 at 12:00-13:15 (UTC+3)

Lead organiser: African Circular Economy Alliance

Economic diversification is a key climate adaptation strategy that helps increase the resilience of livelihoods and income security for a fair and inclusive transition to climate change-resilient development. This session will cover how a circular economy – by its core principle of decoupling economic growth from resource consumption – has the potential to be a catalyst for low-emission and climate friendly development in Africa.


12:00 (UTC+3) Opening words
Panel discussion on fostering inclusivity with circularity in Africa’s post-COVID-19 recovery
James Mwangi, Executive Director, Dalberg Group (Moderator)
Patrick Mwesigye, Regional Coordinator, Resource Efficiency, United Nations Environment Programme
Ndidi Ndoli-Edozien, Chair of the Circular Economy Innovation Partnership (CEIP) Africa
Anthony Nyong, Director for Climate Change and Green Growth, African Development Bank
Bruno Pietracci, President, Coca Cola Africa
13:15 (UTC+3) Session ends

All sessions of the WCEFonline will be moderated by Veera Heinonen and Tim Forslund from Sitra.

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