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Globe Hope Oy


Globe Hope is a pioneer in designing new practical and innovative products from existing textile and other materials. With three key values of aesthetics, ethics and ecology, our products save the environment from all the excess waste traditionally produced. Through the right frame of mind and innovative ideas, materials find a new lease of life. Sustainability, the environment and corporate responsibility can no longer be ignored, and we provide the means to practice circular economy in partnership with businesses, organizations and charities to fulfill their procurement needs.

We will be showcasing at the WCEF2017 how to reuse materials such as advertising flags, banners, roll ups, work wear and exhibition mats created by business, as well as how to we utilize excess textile stock, boat sails, bicycle inner tyres, leather jackets, army surplus and many other quality materials that would otherwise be disposed. We make these into new products that have a genuine circular economy story to tell and show their past purpose and story. For example a laptop case that used to be an advertisement flag or bag that used to be an marketing banner or work uniform. Or how about business card cases made out of old roll ups or a medical kit bag made from seat belts. Material preparation and production is all done with skill locally by hand, making all our products ethically produced. Each product comes with a hang tag telling the story of the material and can be dual branded or printed to communicate commitment to CSR and sustainability. Come and talk to us about how we can together practise sustainability and be part of circular economy!

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