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The Next Era: Work and income


Work and the income earned from it are central factors affecting our well-being. They have brought continuity to people’s lives and have built social stability. An income model based on permanent paid work has been the foundation for many parts of modern life, from social security to urban planning and the choice of political party. This structure, however, is now undergoing a transformation: production structures are changing, old professions are disappearing and forms of income are becoming more diverse. How will these changes affect the fundamental promise of our society and our understanding of well-being in the future? What can we expect from society and its institutions? What would bring continuity to life and where will our new opportunities come from? What will the fair society of the future be like?

The first edition of “The Next Era” publication deals with changes in work and income. The articles provide perspectives on the ongoing transformation, its social impacts and new solutions.

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