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Partnering through change: new momentum in the emerging circular economy

Wednesday 30 September 2020 at 15:00-16:15 (UTC+3)


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Lead organiser: Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy (PACE)

Partnering is not a new concept but is now more relevant than ever. Rebooting the economy requires more than solving our current problems. This session will cover how cross sector partnerships can move beyond problem solving to evolving our systems and value chains to support the recovery using circular solutions.


15:00 (UTC+3) Opening words
Overall host of the session: David McGinty, Global Director, PACE
Keynote speaker: Janez Potočnik, Co-Chair of the UNEP International Resource Panel
Panel discussion: partnerships today
Exploring examples of successful partnerships for a circular economy. Why is partnership so important? And what makes a partnership a success?
Steve Schmida, Author of Partner with Purpose and Founder, Resonance (Moderator)
Bonnie Glick, Deputy Administrator, US Agency for International Development
Per Heggenes, Chief Executive Officer, IKEA Foundation
Dimitri De Vreeze, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Royal DSM
Lisa Jackson, Vice President; Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives; Apple
Panel discussion: partnerships for systems change
Creating a circular economy requires systems change. How can partnerships help us reach our goals?
Steve Schmida (Moderator)
Naoko Ishii, Director, Center for Global Commons, University of Tokyo
David McGinty, Global Director, PACE
16:15 (UTC+3) Session ends


All sessions of the WCEFonline will be moderated by Veera Heinonen and Tim Forslund of Sitra.

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