Published April 11, 2019

Scaling up the circular economy in cities

This side session will share lessons and best practices from eight Circular Economy Hubs from all over the world.


Introduction: Why is scaling up the circular economy in cities so important?

  • Cities as the place of action
  • Facts and figures
  • Topics: buildings, energy, mobility, food, water, plastics and consumer goods
  • Collaboration and actions from all stakeholders

Interactive round-table discussions:
How can we make cities more sustainable in developed and developing countries?

  • Table 1: Actions from municipalities in developed countries (Zero Waste Scotland, INEC)
  • Table 2: Actions from municipalities in developing countries (co-sharing ACEN, CEPA)
  • Table 3: How can regions accelerate the circular economy (co-sharing Amsterdam Economic Board, Circular Friesland)
  • Table 4: Actions from businesses (co-sharing OREE, EX4CB)
  • Table 5: Actions from consumers (Circular Change)
  • Table 6: The role of knowledge institutes (co-sharing Polish Circular Hotspot/Innowo, TCEN/TTRI)
  • Table 7: The role of CE hotspots (HCH, Circular Norway)
  • Table 8: Circular economy action based on the city doughnut (Circle Economy)

Panel with table moderators on the lessons learned.

Organisers: Holland Circular Hotspot, Circle Economy

Contact: Freek van Eijk, Director Holland Circular Hotspot,, +31 65 1080 847

Date and time: Monday 3 June: 9.30-11.00

Venue: Veranda 4, Finlandia Hall

How to register: The event is full and the registration is closed. Please note that all side sessions are exclusively for WCEF2019 participants.

Deadline for registration: 30 May 2019

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