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Sitra wished to find a way to build the new public Sitra website in a manner which would benefit the entire Finnish web business community.

After careful consideration, an open and agile development project was launched to create the organisation’s website, and to share the dialogue and experiences of the best project practices and web solutions. The results are visible in the lists of tips for developers, video blogs and potentially reusable components.

The project was carried out in cooperation with the Swedish-Finnish Deasign-Fröjd web developers and a sizeable group of Finnish web specialists.

During the development of the new website, a number of versions containing various content and properties were published on the beta site for gathering feedback. In addition to user feedback, the development work was based on a number of Sitra personas which were created on the basis of a user survey and a user panel that provided detailed feedback.

The code produced within the project will be published at the Drupal developer community, and the publication of a template for the entire site is being prepared.

 Open competitive bidding focusing on individuals

During the competitive bidding process, an open atmosphere of sharing was emphasised. Additional focus was placed on the individuals and their references. The final selection was done based on a week-long trial sprint for the finish with the two best bidders participating.

The following includes all the documents used in the competitive bidding. These are available to all for use and further processing. You may freely edit the documents according to your needs.

The document templates are in English.

Invitation to participate »
Request to participate »
Comparison of requests to participate »
Invitation to tender »
Tender form »
Comparison of tenders »
Invitation to trial sprint »
Agreement »

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