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The EU-funded SwitchMed Programme is facilitating the shift towards sustainable consumption and production in the Southern Mediterranean through solutions tailored to the needs of industry, emerging green entrepreneurs, civil society and policy makers. Circular economy principles are at the heart of the programme, which aims to change the way goods and services are produced and consumed.

At the WCEF2017, the SwitchMed stand will focus on solutions for industries and the UNIDO TEST methodology, an integrated approach for sustainable production in the manufacturing sector. Two manufacturers implementing TEST – Afrique Cables (Morocco) and New Amico (Tunisia) – will be on hand to discuss how improving resource efficiency and adopting a circular economy approach have yielded both economic and environmental benefits in their operations. The stand will also feature information about SwitchMed’s training programme for green startups as well as outreach materials from its sister programmes SWITCH-Asia, Switch-Africa and Switch2Green.



WCEF2017 is a new kind of high level event on the economy, organised by Sitra and its international cooperative partners. It raises the best circular economy solutions in the world.



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