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Yhteinen pöytä (Shared table -initiative)


Shared table is founded, funded and owned by the City of Vantaa and Vantaa Parish Union. It is a centralized and efficient way of logisticating surplus food from food factories, wholesalers and retailers to a large network of food aid distributors (congregations, NGOs and citizen centers in Vantaa). This network organizes community based, participatory actions for empowerment. Shared table is ecologically and socially sustainable: it creates community and welfare based food aid solutions, has created high-quality and food safe logistics of surplus food and makes sure that food aid is safe and nutritious.

At the WCEF2017 Marketplace we will present our unique logistical system and our diverse network. Close co-operation with and within our network helps to improve food aid in Vantaa. We also show how surplus food can be used as a tool, bringing people together. Making and eating food together increases understanding between different groups and decreases loneliness. The ultimate goal is to change bread lines to community action, which answers the local needs.

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